5 amazing ways animals communicate with each other

Everyone knows that animals can communicate with each other, though not speak in the usual sense of the word. If there were interpreters with a dog or monkey, they would be enough to set out a few phrases like "I'm scared!", "I'll kill you!" Or "Let me eat." Well, maybe a couple more. In any case, the animals do not lie, do not gossip and do not argue.

So it seems to us ...

1. Prairie dogs are the details you opisat

Prairie dogs - these little chatty creatures that live in underground "cities" with populations, reaching sometimes up to hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, millions of individuals. They communicate by means of a loud barking and yelps.

If you ever happen to pass by these dogs, and you will hear something like that, then rest assured: they discuss it for you.

"Language" prairie dogs are so complex that there are some "words", indicating not only an approaching predator, but also indicating its type. That is, they are specific sounds that are translated as "man goes!┬╗

Moreover - in the signals emitted by prairie dogs can be laid, and information about what kind of a person. In one experiment showed that the signals emitted by prairie dogs vary depending on the color of the shirt on the man on the high or low it is, how close are talking and how fast moves.

That is, these little rodents of the squirrel family communicate at a more advanced level than the dolphins and chimpanzees.

Professor at the University of Northern Arizona Cohn Slobodchikov studied the behavior of prairie dogs as much as 30 years and came to the conclusion that they may speak their language phrase which translated would sound something like, "We were running thin high style in a green shirt and he is near ┬╗.

2. Painted malyur enters into a dialogue with the predator to impress samku

These lovely birds with bright plumage in Australia, like many other birds of prey, but the greatest danger to them are bird flute. These winged sadistic love to impale their prey on the more lively thorns thorns - so it somehow tastes better.

And what makes malyur when dealing with such a terrible enemy? Hiding? Scoot? Not at all!

When the flute bird flies on the hunt, looking, what would such a profit, and starts his pre-lunch trills, male malyur immediately responds and begins to sing. And so deftly adapts the duo with a possible murderer seems perfect - hard to believe that two totally different singing birds.

Why is he so is inserted? For the same reason that the majority of males in nature does whatever - to impress a female. Such blatant audacity and even against terrible killers - the certificate of self-confidence, and women, as we know, like confidence and recklessness.

Scientists explain this phenomenon well:

When the predator birds like the flute is nearby, female painted malyura hides and listens intensely to the sound that comes out of danger. Their attention at this moment is entirely owned by the terrible death of flute. That males and try to take a moment to be the center of attention, and even flaunt their fearlessness.

Calculation, by the way, is justified - females willingly deigned brave its location. Unless, of course, are still alive.

3. Track-copper-butterfly butterfly - sweet-obmanschiki

Caterpillar butterfly copper-butterfly has a phenomenal ability - she knows how to get the expense of others, pretending to be someone else. It is, apparently, human tactics. How can some arthropod without a well-developed brain do such scams?

Here's how:

In the body of the caterpillar, at most of her head, it is a tiny "lip." When the butterfly bothers to earn their living, she begins to scrape this "lip" - the result is a "song" is very similar to the one that "sings" the queen ant. So it seems that the ants immediately drag a caterpillar in your colony where she lived happily ever after until pupation and transformation into a butterfly.

All the while, the ants feed it, protect it from the dangers of a drag if you need to move to a new location, and give a truly royal honors.

She did not even have to bother chewing - worker ants regurgitate already chewed and arched its beneficial enzymes food into the mouth of a caterpillar. And in the most famine fed the parasite ants even their own unborn brothers and sisters (also pre-chewed).

The real king, with ants or expel or even kill - such is the power of evil spells fraudsters.

4. Peruvian singers antbird arrange scenes revnosti

Peruvian antbird pairs live on a strictly delimited territory. When accidentally flies into their territory any extraneous birds, they delay harmonious duo to make it clear to an outsider that the place occupied by a happy and united family. It is very touching, but only as long as on the horizon appears a lone female antbird and begins to scurry back and forth as if unaware that the place is occupied.

Once this happens, the male immediately changes his song to "bachelor", trying to attract a new female. Well, according to a neighbor.

Legal wife, noticing that her marriage is falling apart, begins to actively sing his blagovernomu - but arrhythmic loudly to drown out his lustful trills.

Male, of course, also not so easy to give up and tries to sing louder ... and soon there is a real family scandal.

5. Gecko orders edu

Like most of us, Madagascar geckos love when they have finished serving food. And they even found those who prepare their favorite meal - tiny green insects called "Gorbatko┬╗.

These creatures penetrate trees and drink tree sap. Then they digest the juice and release sweetish liquid, the so-called "honeydew." For geckos is - a favorite treat, and Gorbatka always happy to accept the order. Here's how it happens:

Gecko close to the insect, and begins to methodically nod. Gorbatka first meets convulsive shake - they say, "the order is accepted, expect", and then shoots a jet of translucent liquid into the mouth of a lizard. You yourself can admire it:

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