China selektsioniruet children in the hope that society will be more geniuses

Recently, rumors that China raises the collective IQ of its citizens with the help of genetics. So, it's not just a rumor: so evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller of the New York University donated his DNA to help the Chinese biotech company to create genetic markers for further study.

The Beijing Genomics Institute in Shenzhen have collected DNA samples from two thousand smartest people from around the world. Now we are working on the study of their genome to identify alleles that determine human intelligence. When the work is finished, the Chinese, who want to become parents, can take part in the so-called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis - in other words, to choose the most intelligent children. It is not genetic engineering as such - just the scientists are studying the DNA of several zygotes and select the most promising for implantation. If enough parents will choose himself of such children, the next generation of Chinese citizens will be above average IQ by 5-15 points.

However, Dr. Miller said that intelligence is the result of many different genes and DNA and to identify the genetic markers of intelligence can be almost impossible. For example, it would be much easier to do to improve the appearance or character traits, for example, hard work.



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