Because of the explosive HMX can bake cakes and eat them without harm for health

HMX - a powerful explosive, often used as detonators for nuclear weapons or rocket fuel. During World War II, the Chinese guerrillas fighting the Japanese invaders, and they had to find a way to obscure the transportation of explosives to blow up the Japanese fortifications and military units. The Chinese have come up with a simple and ingenious way: HMX mixed with flour. What happened, it looked like just flour and did not like explosives.

From a mixture of flour and HMX really can bake cakes or pancakes. This product does not explode in the preparation and the resulting cakes can be eaten without damage to health. However, when certain actions you can blow up a damn. The Chinese called this mixture "agony aunt Jemima," and attacked the Japanese half-eaten cakes and unused test. According to recent data, for all the time the war was spent 15 tons of this "flour" and the Japanese did not manage to find it.



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