Want some things makes you happier than the fact of their possession

In anticipation of wages (especially long wait) you have to save on everything, and console themselves with dreams of what you buy as soon as the money will be in your pocket. A lot of things seem attractive to you, and absolutely necessary, and supermarket shelves beckon expensive and favorite delicacies. Strawberries in January? Treat yourself to pay. This Italian cheese? Perhaps I buy a piece of sample on how to get the money. And a new player, running shoes, a huge TV, a subscription to the spa, and More ...

It seems that your desire to work against you, causing painful to pay attention to any temptations and temptations. You are not alone. Everyone feels the same - simply because the brain enjoys desires.

Marsha L. Richins from the University of Missouri in his article "When want better than to have" for the magazine Consumer Research says:

"Thinking about purchasing anything give you an instant burst of positive emotions, in a sense, a feeling of happiness. But unfortunately, these emotions are short-lived: they are much brighter than before you make a purchase than after you become the owner. »

blockquote> Psychologist Daniel Gilbert adds:

"The feeling of disappointment after buying something that you thought would make you happy, creates the desire to buy something else, and this endless pursuit creates a society of consumers and materialists. Skeptics argue that happiness is not about money - they are wrong. Happiness in money, but you should be able to dispose of them. And above all:

Stop buying. Do not waste your money on things, and for the acquisition of new experiences - that he gives a long and sustained happiness. Travel and travel. Meet new people. Development of new professions or hobbies. All this - the food for the mind and the foundation of emotional stability. »

blockquote> Derek Thompson, business editor of The Atlantic, gives a couple of useful tips:

"Do not go into debt for the sake of acquiring new things. Remember - any purchase sooner or later (probably sooner) will become commonplace and cease to please you, but the loans will remain. And since the brain more fun to dream about things than to own them - deceive him. Go to shopingterapiyu in a large shopping mall, consider things, test new electronic gadgets, try on clothes, and do not buy anything. Will be a lot of positive emotions, and then you have an opportunity and more praise themselves for rational and economical. »

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