There is an easy way to make ice cream soda

It's a great way to enjoy at any time of the cold delicacy - you can get a cool treat any flavor you want.

Take a plastic bottle of soda at room temperature. Intensively shake the bottle to increase the pressure inside it - this pressure will keep the drink from freezing even at very low temperatures. Put the bottle with a drink in the freezer: it is important that on the shelf where you put it, there were no other products, otherwise the liquid will start to cool evenly. Give the bottle to lie there for two or three hours, and then check it every 15 minutes. Try not to forget about the bottle, otherwise it may explode and peremorozitsya: usually takes no more than four hours, the liquid in the bottle was frozen to the desired state. Remove the bottle and begin to quickly open and close the lid - the liquid turns into a frozen foam.



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