5 common myths about relationships with men

Everyone wants to build a perfect relationship for life, but often it is hampered by attitudinal errors, some of which we strongly believe, but if you blindly follow someone else's advice, you can not achieve the desired. Before you - a few common myths, knowing that you can avoid stupid mistakes.

1. If you speak louder, he will perform prosbyKak know, women by nature are often more impulsive than men, so if you want to get the consent of a man in any matter begin to raise your voice. Many women try to explain it, not only in terms of physiology, considering that during a conversation in a raised voice man better understands the need for the request and, accordingly, will perform it.

In fact, things are not quite so: men often irritate loud voices friends, and people in a bad mood inclined not to carry out the request, and vice versa - to failure. Nevertheless, the myth is repeated again and again, as sometimes men are reluctant to agree to the request only to the woman calmed down - of course, not the fact that the assignment of claims will turn the desired implementation.

2. The ideal man exists not only in women's mechtahMechta find the perfect man is peculiar to each woman, and especially young girls. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that no one is perfect - all have their shortcomings and oddities. In the search for the ideal man can go all life, and a good partner, who could make you happy, you will then run the risk to miss - simply because it is from your point of view is not perfect.

3. Men seeking sex one night and often do not want long-term otnosheniyBolshinstvo modern men want to strike up a relationship with him a suitable woman and lived with her for life - it is the desire of all is the principal contacts and appointments.

American psychologist Andrew P. Smayler called persistent myth that men need a relationship for one night, "Casanova stereotype." From his point of view, the need for a permanent partner's due to the male physiological: a man, of course, could be fertilize hundreds of women a year, but in this case he will remain confident that all of these children are carriers of the human genome and, therefore, not a fact, that their genes will be passed to the next generation. It is much more logical to stay close to one woman, and ensure that children grow up healthy and able to pass on genes.

4. The way to a man's heart is through his zheludokBolshinstvo people prefer to eat healthy and delicious food, so, of course, for their diet need to watch both men and women. However, the hearts of men so do not win - a woman eating a man does not seem attractive, then no matter how well it is not ready, its location will not be able to receive it.

It is much more efficient to devote time to personal care and mental development - from the beautiful and interesting women are more likely to create a strong harmonious relationship than the unattractive, but an excellent cook.

5. On the beautiful do not marry, marry smart, but the appearance is not vazhenV our age, many men seek to build relationships with clever women, but to say here that appearance does not matter - a big mistake. We should not forget that a large part in the relationship between man and woman is given procreation: beautiful woman is automatically perceived as a healthy man, and therefore is more suitable for the mother of his future children. Therefore, women need to develop not only intellectually, but also monitor their appearance and to devote time to leave behind the figure, skin, style and fashion move.

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