There is a book in volume of 300 pages, written without a single letter "E"

The voluntary restriction of freedom gave tvorchestvu

«E» - the most commonly used letter in the alphabet. But in 1969 a book was published in French - a 300-page novel lipogrammatichesky "disappearance", written without a single letter "E", authored by Georges Perec.

Throughout the 300 pages not found a single letter "E", with the exception of the author's name, of course. In the book, there is not even one of the most common words of the French language - the definite article «le», English analogue «the», indicating the object belonging to the masculine gender. Subsequently, the "disappearance" was translated into English by Gilbert Adair and was called "The Void».

In 1960, George was a member of the Oulipo, a group of experienced writers, was fond of puzzles and wordplay. He boasted that he could write a novel without a single letter "E". Friends doubted, and George, to prove his innocence, wrote a novel.

Epilogue of the book contains a detailed account of how George wrote his book, his imagination roamed the intriguing linguistic roads and lanes, and he could not stop thinking about it. Voluntary restrictions, oddly enough, has made his work even more free.

The book itself is a parody of noir and horror. In the story of a group of people looking for their missing companion, Antonio Vovla - an elderly scientist who shares the author's sympathy for the game of words. Slowly, with the help of clues left Vovlom, his friends gradually realize what letter is missing, but they have to be extremely careful: anyone who uses the letter during a conversation, can get fatally wounded.



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