Paper cups of «Starbucks» can not be recycled

The same is true for many other kafe

The white paper cups poured hot drinks, so they have hidden inside the body of a polyethylene plastic that protects the paper from a hot drink. Paper on the outside of the cup is needed to crockery was stiff and retain their shape. Unfortunately, because of the plastic "insert" glass can not be recycled.

«Starbucks» claims that is constantly looking for new options for clean dishes. But until he finds. Part of their disposable tableware on 60% recycled fibers and is recyclable. Also «Starbucks» gives a 10% discount if customers use their own cups instead of disposable cups.

Now «Starbucks» customers, who want to drink coffee in a cafe, drinks are served in mugs. Also cafe recycles paper, cardboard and packaging of milk.



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