The most ordinary girl

Yeah. Sadly I look at our generation ...

She is the most common. Journal on the entry period, cute and really wants a lot of money. And he sees only one way to fulfill a whim. And yet - not the first nor the last. There are many.

In fact, here are a few posts from her blog. I think you will be interested in reading.

Post cipher 1

and the caption: "I want what would I holili and nurtured !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!»

Post cipher 2

"Today, once again I met with a guy from internet. He said that working as a lawyer. but for some reason I knew from the first minute. it is not so. I leave the house ... dark can not see anything ... it seemed to me that it is necessary oazik. Thank God it was Gelika. Kick a tank ... I'm the guy ment.znayu cops already met. nothing so went drank tea. Kirill- 25 years. Grandma is the glory of God. wondering whether I will write more ..... »

Post cipher 3

"Well call itself)) who stand in front of my bust is build from a touchy, such is not greedy. although I want to love and money in full flakone- and this is probably the dream of every girl.

Post cipher 4

day off I can sit on the internet))

With former still still together. but I do not need. and unfortunately it begins to notice

I want happiness itself and in this I am selfish and that the former will have to give up what is called "for just & quot ;. I like there is a new uhozher Kirill. he can outwardly and zero, but I type a little look. The money is there, and most importantly it does not antlers with them, I hate gigolo. !!! but still a good bargain - there are not enough ... and I fell in love like)) presents bouquets ... shaken 5 times with him ... to me ... I'm afraid to touch the build of a skromnyashku nedotrogu- role came in noticeably faster

Money is not enough there is nothing AT ALL. what that Kick and even these loans zadolbali. This worries me. urgently need a sponsor who will pay for it all)) is the number one problem!)) and its implementing))

Post cipher 5

Damn soon the new year. And I do not know what to do, I want to abroad ... ((If you have time till December poznak skem a dignified and normal, there is a chance that it realized

Post cipher 6

After that you have to go through what would get what I want?

This phrase is not accidental. Of course, I probably like every girl want these things, but I, unlike the other girls at the moment it is easier to obtain. Quite by accident two months ago, I met a man who can give it all ... cost only bring himself to be a man who is much older than me. (Well, it's certainly not 70 or 60.) ... or is ??? A month I am thinking about this issue ...


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