In the eye of the chick found a new kind of state of matter

The substance - this is not always perfect poryadok

With the help of science, we study the different things in different places. We discover something new every day studying space, plus we still have about half of the world's oceans, which we have yet to explore. There are many different mysteries that are just waiting to be uncovered. But sometimes discoveries lurk in the most unexpected places. Such as chicken eye.

In February 2014, the researchers found that cells in the eye of chicken placed in a specific order, which no one had ever previously experienced. And this order cells actually pointed to an entirely new state of matter. This arrangement of cells, which the researchers call "given in a mess giperodnorodnostyu" is new in the current context, however, several other indiscriminate giperodnorodnyh substances were found in the past decade. These substances were found to have a truly unique characteristics manifested in the method by which they are captured and monitored by light waves.

"Ever since we found out that the existence of such physical systems due to their exotic physical properties that give them entirely new possibilities," said Salvatore Torquato, a professor of chemistry at Princeton University. Torcuato also said: "The more we learn about these special systems promiscuity, the more we are convinced that they should be considered a new kind of state of matter».



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