Is it possible to "cleanse the body of toxins?"

"The newest program, detox: removes toxins!"

Media, advertising, celebrities, and some doctors are constantly reminded how hard prnihoditsya person. Due to the intensive agricultural activity in our bodies bubbling liters of pesticides, light industry poison preservatives and food additives, hanging in the air a poisonous smog, stress, lack of exercise and unhealthy habits disrupt metabolism. In the body, the toxins are accumulated and undermine all the systems: immunity falls - lipnut.Raz disease and the body gets something, then it can be deduced. They invented a lot of ways: different diets, which often need to eat raw or barely processed food, the notorious two-liter water-every-day, special juice (remember the green-brown swill from Hollywood movies?), Diuretics, sorbents, special detoks- drugs, sauna, yoga, dry cleaning brush skin, bowel movements, proper breathing, special insoles, ionizing foot bath. If done correctly, the body is supposed to be like brand new.

«Scientists have calculated that every year, an adult consumes 3, 75 liters of pesticides, which are teeming with modern vegetables and fruits, as well as 5 kilograms of artificial preservatives and food additives, plus 2 more kilograms of hazardous solids that we breathe through the lungs. Unfortunately, to avoid the toxic attack is impossible, but to minimize the consumption of toxic substances and reduce the harm they cause is realistic "(source). Blockquote> Why it's not: body itself toxins, or umer.Te a man who convinces cleansed of toxins typically do not specify any of the toxins in question. Knowing the substance can be measured by its concentration in the body before and after detoxification and test the effectiveness of therapy. Instead, the "cleaner" point to indirect indicators, such as the speed of blood flow, or simply advised to trust feelings. In 2009, the British organization Sense About Science has contacted 15 manufacturers of medicinal sources - none of us did not explain what they mean by toxins and detoxification detoksikatsiey.Ideya appeared from behind the cult of the body, it was revived in the 1970s. First opened Gyms, then on television jumped lean men and women in colored breeches and a tight smile. People sat on a diet and have attended to that put in the mouth. The body has become a testimony of our smaller greshkov - detoxification grant forgiveness like a religious austerities. Her disciples asked so little money, and scientists consider them rogues and advise and train carefully chosen diet.

"There are two types of detoxification: a recognized medicine, and the other not. The first type - the treatment of drug addicts, whose dependence life threatening. Second - when hustlers and quacks selling useless drugs, promising to clean from harmful substances. If the body really could not cope with toxins, the man would have died or went to the hospital. A healthy body has a kidney, liver, skin, lungs: these bodies nonstop remove toxins from the body. There is no known way to get anything in the body to work even better if it is so works well. Detoxification in the second sense - it is a crime: gullible people are using, offering to atone for sins. " Text: Marat Kuzaev
Source: Look at me blockquote>


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