History of Six brothers and sisters trapped parents at home for 14 years

it is not an invention of Hollywood screenwriter, but a real profit. Six brothers and sisters grew up in Manhattan, but because of parental fears of the dangers of the Big Apple never left home. "Wolf pack", as nicknamed family accidentally learned about it, journalists are now hit the big world. They are on the pages of The New York Times, The Daily Mail and The Times, recently even became heroes of the film. The picture is called The Wolfpack, and probably the filmmakers have never been so easy to operate, because the story of the family Angulo does not require artistic exaggeration: they lived a hell of a strange 14 let.

"Wolf Pack" - the children of the American mother and Peruvian father 23-year-old Bhagavan, 22-year-old twins and Govinda Narayana, 20-year-old Mukunda, Krishna 18-year-old and 17-year-old Dzhagadesh. And their elder sister of Vishnu, of course. For a long time they lived with their parents in the apartment on the Lower East Side. His father, Oscar Angulo, always kept the door locked, and children were forbidden to go anywhere. No schools: the education of children engaged mat.

Susan, ex-hippies from the Midwest, and the Peruvian Academy met in Machu Picchu in 1989 (the young man worked as a guide, she was a tourist), and immediately liked each other. Lived in Krishna community in the United States, then traveled around the country in a trailer. Oscar at the time dreamed of becoming a rock musician, but show business does not want to recognize his talent. Finally, after the birth of first child, the couple settled in Los Angeles. Life is there a way, to get shelter failed and Angulo have moved to New York.

The Big Apple had finally managed to twist family nest, but the city is frightened Oscar crime and numerous temptations. The father forbade Susan and children, who already had three, leaving the walls of the home. By the time it became clear that because of his attempts to make a musical career nothing happens. Oscar suffered from dependence spirits. He had, as it turned out, had developed paranoia. He took the only set of keys to the front door sebe.

Escape from kuryatnikaChetvero Angulo younger children were born in New York City. All seven school taught the tricks of the mother, and the world learned the kids thanks to films. Creation of actors and directors have given them a certain, albeit heavily distorted view of the outside world.

In 2010, one of the brothers, Mukunda, managed to escape to explore the city. He convinced the other brothers, it is safe. Sometimes they decided to get out into the world, disguised as their favorite movie characters. During one of his walks, when the brothers saunter on First Avenue, dressed in brutal style characters "Reservoir Dogs," Tarantino them and met the director Crystal Moselle. Of course, she could not help but pay attention to the exotically dressed podrostkov.

"I have a feeling, as if I came across some lost tribe of primitive. Although it took place not on the edge of the world, and in the streets of Manhattan, "- recalls the director.

Moselle failed, they say, to ingratiate himself to the boys. Little by little, she pulled out of their brethren of the story. They said that in addition to parents and each other, do not know anyone in the city. This shocked the director, but even more surprised her that the children were very pleasant and perfectly adequate.

So Moselle and conceived the idea of ​​a documentary about the "cubs." History is silent as to the director managed to persuade his father and mother Angulo cooperation.

Steel kinogeroyamiFilm talks about how young Angulo spent 14 years in his New York prison. Their main entertainment was a movie, and they are infinitely set mini-performances, recreating scenes from your favorite films, especially - Tarantino, Scorsese and Nolan. Over the years spent in the four walls of the guys looked at more than five thousand lent.

No noisy Hollywood premiere escapes their attention. In their performances they use any available materials: cloth, cereal boxes, yoga mats.

"When I watched" The Dark Knight ", I realized that I could do something. It was not Batman, but in the world that I have seen in the movies. I decided to do everything to get into this world. And to escape from her "- says Mukunda Angulo how he had the idea forays into the city.

Movies in some way not only saved Angulo from complete isolation and barbarism, but also played a cruel joke with them: it turns out that real life is very different from what the movie shows.

In the documentary film "Wolf Pack" Mosel refrain from value judgments and not trying to portray parents Angulo monstrami.

"They - of the kind, insightful and curious guys I've ever met. Something their parents certainly did the right thing, "- says the director.

However, the documentary does not deny the obvious: knowing the world, children are destined to a long struggle with indignation at his father, who for years had condemned them to isolation.

Happy end for flocks Through media attention to the fate of the children attended social services. The children were examined by psychiatrists. His older sister, Vishnu found "particular development" (which is unknown).

Bhagavan enrolled in school hip-hop, is going to become a professional dancer. Govinda expects career as a photographer. Narayana is interested in environmental issues. Younger Krishna Dzhagadesh not yet decided on the future, but very fond of music.

Makunda, an unofficial leader among the brothers is now an aspiring writer.

Five brothers to live in an apartment on the Lower East Side, where they spent so many years of strange. I decided to leave home only Govinda.

The picture of the "cubs" won a prize at the Sundance Film Festival and Utah.


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