Where children live and sleep?

"Where children sleep» (Where Children Sleep) - a project of the journalist Chris Booth (Chris Boot) and photographer James Mollison (James Mollison) from the United States.

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Four-Kaya lives with his parents in a small apartment in Tokyo, Japan. Her bedroom from floor to ceiling lined with dolls and clothing. All clothes Kai - 30 dresses and coats, 30 pairs of shoes and numerous wigs - does her mother. But when Kai goes to school - she has to wear a school uniform. Pet products girls - meat, potatoes, strawberries and peaches. When he grows up, Kaya wants to draw cartoons.

Four-Jasmine (Jazzy) lives in a big house in the countryside of Kentucky, USA, with his parents and three brothers. The bedroom is full of Jasmine crowns and belts, which she won at a beauty contest. She has participated in more than 100 competitions. Jazzy dreams of becoming a rock star.

Italy from Romania, they begged. Arriving in Rome, they camped on private land, and the police threw them out. These people have no documents, so they can not get a legal job. The boy's parents wash their car windows at traffic lights. None of the family never went to school.

Nine-year-Dong lives in the province of Yunnan in southwest China with his parents, sister and grandparents. He sleeps in the same room with her sister and parents. The family has a plot of land on which they grow rice and sugar cane. Dong School is 20 minutes from home. He loves to write and sing. In the evening, Dong usually spends one hour of homework, and one spends watching television. Dong wanted to become a police officer.

Seven Years Indira lives with his parents, brother and sister in Kathmandu, Nepal. In their house only one room with one bed and one mattress. The children sleep on a mattress on the floor. The family is very poor - everyone must work. In three years, Indira works for the local granite quarries, along with other 150 children. Indira works six hours a day, and then - the mother helps with housework. She also goes to school - to her home on 30 minutes. Her favorite food - noodles. Indira dreams of becoming a dancer.

Eight-year Roasi lives on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. His house is situated on a huge landfill, where they live and work five thousand people. The mattress on which the sleeping boy, made from old tires. Every morning at six o'clock Roasi and hundreds of other children take a shower at a local charity center before they start work on the collection of cans and plastic bottles, which then will be used for recycling. Roasi often eat only once a day.

Eleven Thais living with her parents and sister on the third floor of an apartment building in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The bedroom she shares with her sister. They live in a certain area of ​​crime and drugs - Cidade de Deus, «City of God", a situation which improved slightly after the same movie. Thais love pop singer Philip Dillon. She wanted to be a model.

Fifteen of Nantes - a member of the Rendille tribe in northern Kenya. She has two brothers and two sisters. Her home - a tent of plastic and straw. At the center of the house lit the fire, which sleeps a family. Responsibilities Nantes - watch out for the goats, chopping wood and carrying water. For several years, the girl went to the village school, but decided not to continue. Nantes wants to marry a soldier. Now she has a boyfriend, but for a woman from the tribe Rendille normally meet with several men before marriage. Also, before the marriage she was circumcised - these traditions.

Ten Spirit lives with his parents and eleven brothers and sisters in the Palestinian refugee camp in Hebron. She shares a bedroom with five sisters. Spirit goes to school 10 minutes walk from the "home", and dreams of becoming a pediatrician. Her brother Muhammad killed himself and 23 civilians in a suicide attack against izralityan in 1996. After that, the Israeli military destroyed the family home. On the wall beside the Perfume - photo of Muhammad.

Nine-year Zwick lives in an apartment block in Beitar Illit, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. This settlement - house 36 thousand Orthodox Jews. Televisions and newspapers are banned. On average, each family of nine children, but Zwicky only one sister and two brothers, with whom he shares a bedroom. The school boy transported by car, it is a two minute drive from the house. Sports prohibited curriculum. Every day Tzvika goes to the library and reading religious literature. His favorite food - steak and potatoes. He wants to become a rabbi.

Eleven Joey lives in Kentucky, USA, with his parents and older sister. He always walks with his father on the hunt. First deer killed Joey in seven years. He likes to be in nature, and hopes to continue to hunt and when he grows up. Joey goes to school and likes to watch television in the company of his pet - a lizard Lily.

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