10 interesting facts about how animals sleep

Here are some interesting facts about how animals sleep.

1. Males average 13-14 hours of sleep during the day and at night wandering around the house. The fact that in the wild they tend to hunt at night. Big cats such as tigers, too, can be a long time to sleep. King of the jungle does not need to be constantly on the alert to protect themselves.

2. Dolphins may doze off, so that only one half of their brain will remain a dream. So in one hemisphere may experience slow wave sleep, while the other half will be awake.

Photo: Sergey Lyakhovets

3. Horses and cows can sleep standing up, but can not dream, until will fall.

4. Giraffes can go without sleep for weeks.

5. Desert snail can sleep for three years.

6. During sleep platypus can perform the same movement, which they use when they kill their prey.

7. to hide from predators, the African Guinean baboons sleep squatting on the treetops.

8. Bats sleep upside down for several reasons. Firstly because they are less visible prey. In addition, it allows them to take off immediately in case of danger. The fact that this is an ideal position for takeoff. Unlike birds, bats can not go into the air from the ground. They are not strong enough to create the required take-off speed.

9. albatross can sleep while flying.

10. Although it is believed that ants never sleep, study on fire ants have shown that during the day ants arose approximately 253 episodes of sleep, each of which lasted about 1, 1 minute.

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