14 years of cinema: Isolated teenage years exploring the world of Hollywood movies

Extreme care for the children in the family detyahHotya Angulo and raised in New York, they have for 14 years had no idea that such a city. All of them grew up in the four bedrooms in the apartment of their parents, and information about the outside world, they drew only from the movies.

Their story was the basis of the documentary «The Wolfpack» («gang of teenagers" in English. Slang) shot director Crystal Moselle.

Guys - Bhagavan, 23 years old, the twins Govinda and Narayana, 22, Mukunda, 20 years old, Krishna, 18, Dzhagadesh, 17 years old, and their sister of Vishnu - were locked in an apartment by his father Oscar, an immigrant from Peru, and a follower of the movement "Hare Krishna. " Apparently, he was convinced that the outside world will spoil his children, and therefore always kept locked apartment door.

However, after 14 years of one of the brothers managed to escape, and then he helped to escape to freedom with all my brothers.

It was at the moment of salvation in 2010, Moselle and met six brothers Angulo on First Avenue. Each of them had dark glasses, and they walked down the street like a band inspired by your favorite movie "Reservoir Dogs».

"I felt pretty much the same, feels the man who discovered some previously unknown tribe living on the edge of the world. But it happened on the streets of Manhattan, "- said the Moselle.

Trying to learn more about this family, the director has made friends with the guys, and gradually won the trust of their parents. One day they invited her into his private world and even allowed to take with a camera. Within a month, she filmed the guys who have watched thousands of movies and a lot of time spent on it, to play at home their favorite costumes and scenes from the films.

"They did not have any friends. They were homeschooled, and their only window to the world were movies. The most interesting thing is that they have created a world of its own, interpreting the films that have seen "- explains the Moselle.

Once the brothers recreated scene from Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight».

"This suit is made of boxes of cereal and a yoga mat. I made it after seeing "The Dark Knight," which made me believe that something like that could really happen. Not because there was Batman, but because I felt it - a different world. And I did everything I could to the world became real. In order to escape from his own world ", - he explained one of the brothers.

In total, more than 5,000 teens watched movies that were either rented or bought at low prices. "It is interesting to observe what a human spirit, if it is limited. The disadvantage of all the films is that they contain certain stamps. Real life is not like that. In real life, she is not always breaks your heart. Guys are trying to understand this "- said the Moselle.

She says that the mother of the children, Suzanne, seems ruled in the same way as her children. Former hippies from the Midwest, it was for children only supplier of food and educator. Suzanne often appeared before the camera, but the father of the family was in no hurry to open the Moselle and her team. Obviously, he did not get rid of the fear that New York will "pollute" his children.

But despite his paranoia, it has formed a definite opinion Moselle about it. Once he was a struggling musician and a big fan of the group AC / DC, and managed to instill a love of music and their children.

"I can say that these guys - one of the most gentle, deep and inquisitive people I've ever met. Something their parents still do right, "- she said in an interview with The Times.

Babies Angulo finally managed to get out - all except the eldest sister of Vishnu, who has special needs. Bhagavan joined the hip-hop Conservatory, where he learns to dance. Govinda was the first and only one of the brothers who have moved out of the apartment, thus wanting to emphasize their individuality. Now he is trying to become a director of photography. Narayana interested in environmental protection and conservation work in the organization. And yet he is a voracious reader with extensive knowledge in the field of cinema. Makunda, the unofficial leader of the brothers, was the first who managed to get out of the apartment. Now he seeks to become a writer. Krishna is interested in music and culture of the 80s, along with Dzhapadeshem, the youngest of the brothers.

And last month, the brothers and his mother went to the Sundance Film Festival, where The Wolfpack won the Grand Jury as the best US documentary.

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