The reception, which can save someone's life! Here's what to do if in my throat something stuck.

No one knows what the situation is waiting for you on the way. Read this article carefully, because this technique could save someone's life.

Miscellaneous objects stuck in the throat in humans more often than you can imagine: food, bone, small details from the designer in the case of a child ... This can lead to suffocation. What to do in a situation where there was such a sudden accident? Scientific name gameplay discovered a simple way of action that will protect against the risk of you and your loved ones.

1. Evaluate how serious the case. How blocked airway?

Very well, if the affected person coughs. With cough organism is protected from foreign objects, trying to push them out. If you have a cough, airways are not blocked completely. Ask the victim to cough up as long as you do not see the jammed object, then pull it out with your index finger and thumb.

It must be very careful to make sure that the subject is not completely closed airway. If you are dealing with a child up to a year - well, if he was crying and coughing.

Sometimes it happens that the alien part completely closes the airways, it is easy to identify - the victim does not emit any sound, but is conscious. In this case, you should immediately resort to receive Geymliha.

2. Remember: receiving Geymliha should be applied only if the victim over a year and he can not cough, speak, shout and thus breathe. If time does not help, the person loses consciousness. The main thing - to do everything quickly and not to panic.

It is not difficult:

  • Get up behind the victim, if you are right-handed - a little to the left if left-handed - just right.
  • Take it tight under the bust and leaning forward slightly, so that stuck in the throat of an object moving out rather than further inwards.
  • Gently but firmly between the shoulder blades strike the affected part of the top of the wrist.
  • Check, if the object did not come out. If not, hit again, and so repeat up to five times.
    In case breathing is not restored, call the ambulance. Do not leave the victim until the arrival of doctors continue to use the reception Geymliha.

    3. What to do with a child under the age of one year.

    If the child is coughing or crying, he places his mouth down along your forearm or thigh so that his head was something to lean on.

    Gently hit him five times in the back upper part of the wrist. Then carefully examine the baby's mouth and daring thing if you notice it there. In no case do not try to get jammed object with his fingers in the victim's mouth! He can slip deeper and it will worsen the situation.

    If this does not work, turn the baby on his back and gently press down five times in his chest. After each attempt to verify, if left out the jammed item.

    So be calm and confident in critical situations. This reception is nothing complicated - just remember about it. You can use it to save someone's life!

    Share with loved ones with useful knowledge, it may be useful to them.

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