All around you have a cold? This mixture for immunity activates your body's defenses!

With the onset of cold weather all around are starting to get sick colds. So you do not want to catch! .cc offers you a secret: not to pick up a nasty virus, it is enough to take care of themselves and raise immunity! Prepare a wonderful mixture of natural products useful and pleasant taste.

With regular use of ginger, lemon and honey can not only protect against colds, but also enhance the immune system of the organism as a whole. This natural medicine raises vitality, gives strength to the mental and physical work. Incredibly, it is also a powerful tool for weight loss. This elixir of health!

the necessary ingredients for a mixture:

ginger root - 120 g lemons fresh - 4 pieces honey - 150 ml

Grind weight blender. Make sure that everything that was stirred uniformly.

Pour into a bowl of honey. Honey, you can add a little more, depending on your taste preferences.

Lay ground in a convenient jar and store in a refrigerator. The mixture is ready!

Eat a natural remedy may be one tablespoon a day, and the result will be a noticeable. This will considerably strengthen your health and give strength to fight colds infections. Delicious mixture can be added in tea - it is fragrant, and retain their beneficial properties.

Let your health will be strong! Be sure to share with loved ones this recipe to enhance immunity, take care of them.

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