7 amazing experiences that show how little you know about yourself. I had no idea about this ...

The human psyche - a very difficult material to study. It turns out that part of the mind is doing us the cunning tricks and some we all live in a world of illusions. Here are 7 very simple at first glance, Science Experiment, which will show you how your beliefs are highly dependent on subjective perception. The man, without a doubt, the most interesting mystery of nature.

1. You have the right to choose, but it is often dependent on external circumstances.

Artist Marco Evaristti had an unusual performance in 2000. The gallery put ten blenders, in each of which floats on the goldfish. Any member of the audience could grind it in a blender by pressing the button. For an hour, none of the visitors did not do it, but then all the same button is pressed.

Of course, immediately cut off the electricity, the police arrived. For cruelty to animals was the initiator of the exhibition fee.
Would you pressed the button?

2. Your perception of reality is formed on the basis of their own representations of themselves.

In 1993, researchers from Ohio had an interesting experience. They have imposed make-up, showing the ugly scars on the face of several women. Women were warned that in this form they will be meeting with strangers. Each carefully studied herself in the mirror. After that, the person allegedly struck a barrier cream, but in fact - washed scars, without notifying the participants of the experiment.

After the meeting, almost all the women were told that they were subjected to various forms of humiliation, and were even able to tell exactly what the words and actions of the source used to insult them. While no one on the face had no visible defects, false knowledge was enough to make them feel discriminated against.

3. You're not as observant as you think.

Observation - a weakness of man. This was proved by a simple experiment. Dummy actor approached pedestrians to ask for directions. While a passerby go into an explanation, between the interlocutors were working. More doors in their hands obscured the actor and participant in the experiment from each other for a few seconds.

Then the actor was replaced, and found himself in front of passers-by a different person - he is different from the first appearance of the actor was another growth in other clothing, and other words. And what? Most people do not notice the difference!

4. From your willpower it depends on how successful you are.

Everyone knows about the "marshmallow test" - when children are encouraged to stay in the room with sweets and do not take them. Some children are able to resist the temptation, while others do not have the strength to resist the sweet. People with an enviable strength of will always be more successful in life. A similar experiment was conducted with grown uchatnikami this famous experiment, which is now 40 years old. It turned out that the figures will power did not change during this time!

However, the scientists point out that sometimes it is giving up the pleasures of the spirit harm a specific person. Lack of willpower does not mean lack of development of the intellect! These people are just more emotional, they make excellent travelers and people of creative professions.

5. You are cruel by nature.

If there is an opportunity to show the brutality with impunity - many people do so. Publicized acquired an experiment in which participated students at Stanford University. The basement of the building was equipped with a prison, and a group of students from 24 people divided into "prisoners" and "guards". All participants in both groups received the same salary. The experiment was to last a month.

Prisoners were given prison clothes and assigned numbers, depriving them of their names. Guards dressed in the real form of prison guards, were given masks and truncheons. They had one mission: to observe the "prisoners" without the use of force.

On the second day, the prisoners revolted. To stop the unrest officers used fire extinguishers. Soon guards have forced their prisoners to sleep on bare concrete, and the opportunity to use the shower and toilet became a privilege.
Every third guard showed the cruelty! The experiment had to terminate ...

6. Influence of prestige wins your morality.

When you receive instructions from a reputable person, you can not properly assess whether they are correct.
In the experiment at Yale University "student" I had to do the job, and "teacher" - check and punish him for every mistake discharge current. The student was an actor and only pretended to be received electric shocks.

"Teacher" went into another room, where there was a generator with levers, which was written by the voltage, that is, he was aware of the danger of the current human-pupil. Starting with 15, "teacher" with each new mistake was to increase the voltage, and so on to 450 V. When it came to the strong impact, the experimenter demanded that the "teacher" has continued to use the last switch.

If the "teacher" in doubt, the curator of the experiment asked him to continue to experience, each time resulting in an increasingly strong case. In addition, the "teacher" was assured that "disciple" of the current level of such forces are completely safe.

The results showed that most of the "teachers" (26 of 40) dutifully continued to use the maximum voltage (450 V) as long as the researcher did not give the order to complete the experiment. In order to cater to the authoritative person, we are capable of much.

7. Your beliefs form a picture of the world.

Each of us adjusts reality to the way he used to think about it. Professor Arthur Ellison Electrical invented an interesting experience for its students. He asked a group of people to look for iron flower vase on the table. At some point, Arthur used a magnet with which rose vase on the table. Students, he said that controls the power of the vase of his mind.

Some people agreed that they had seen a flying vase, the other part flatly rejected that move the vase. According to their view of the world, one sees what is happening in different ways.

Think about these interesting observations. Awareness - a very important quality, which will help you to assess the world more objectively.

Let the knowledge of these features of human thinking will be useful to you. Tell your friends about this amazing article!

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