This article will teach you how to understand women! Even when they themselves do not understand.

It is no secret that women understand men have to put a lot of effort ... Some eventually despair and think that to comprehend the logic of the fair is impossible. Here and there, it's real. The main thing - remember that women are guided by emotion in his judgments and statements. The men used a sober, rational thinking to determine its course of action. Agree easy when you know what is meant favorite!

1. "Well, well!»
This phrase often sounds at the end of an unpleasant conversation. And it does not mean other than the fact that you're wrong. And here it is - the right to an extent, which explains once again will not be. So you better keep quiet. Otherwise, the conversation enters the stage "to be continued". Believe me, you do not need this.

2. "I quickly! Five minutes! »
To interpret this statement in two ways. Firstly, if this cry woman asks her to wait until she would meet - can be sure, will have plenty of time to wait. But if she warns that in five minutes you have to set aside a beer and to help her - exactly five minutes later the road will be right there.

3. "Nothing happened».
This is clearly a disturbing beacon, red light is already lit up. There is something that does not like this woman. Be empathetic and try to guess what it is.

4. "Well, well, go on».
Remember that silence - gold and pritihni. In this case, a simple sentence hides the challenge of what can be found on intonation.

5. A loud sigh.
This is usually a sign of frustration and how to complete impotence in the face of your stupidity. The woman does not hide his thoughts on that here wasting my time with you. Get away to one side and go do something useful.

6. "Everything is good».
Do not think that you got off easy. This statement means that it will avenge you. However, revenge - a dish best served cold, because right now she is removed to carefully think things through.

7. "Thank you».
If this word is written with a pleasant tone of gratitude - all right. But when you feel the sarcasm in this simple and understandable remark, never say the response phrase. It is better to fix what you've done.

8. "No matter».
This phrase woman sends you to hell. Alas ...

9. "Do not worry, I'll ...»
Worry, and even how. Better to quickly make what you asked for, and will not conflict.

Remember that love - it means and understand. If you seek to understand your beloved, your relationship will be fine.

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