What do successful people before going to bed? 6 habits that should be applied.

It is important to start your day right, the morning set the tone for the new procedure day. And what about the night? After all, how is your working day ends - also plays a huge role. People who are able to rest, relax, make nice evening rituals - thus restore their strength.

Talented person is talented in everything. In particular, in the arrangement of his life that it was the most comfortable for him. Successful people know a lot about how to spend the evening so that the new day was delicious. Read about these useful habits of the powerful. Perhaps they will inspire you to positive changes in your life.

1. Reading books

If you want to have a trained mind and a good memory - read. Big fan of reading - Bill Gates , and he tells not only about how well the book affect a person's ability to think. Bill sure that daily reading bedtime saves him from the stress. He reads a lot - at least an hour a day. The process of reading helps to ignore the worries, relax, get away from this. Such a loss of reality in the book helps the human mind to cope with a huge load. In addition, memorizing new words that appear in the books, increases intelligence and makes people happier - a new word in the vocabulary in the brain causes the same reaction as the cash prize! I think Bill definitely worth considering and read more.

2. Son without gadgets

Pledge of good, restful sleep - silence and darkness. People who like to sleep with the included phones and other miracles of modern technology, risk severely harm their nervous system. This is a problem faced by Arianna Huffington , the founder of one of the most influential media holdings in the United States. After she suffered a nervous breakdown due to the heavy workload at work, Arianna asleep without the phone. It recommends that every night to turn off all the devices that can distract people from sleep. Otherwise, our consciousness, even in a dream not relax, flashing lights and a new message waiting subconscious kept in terrible suspense tired of the mentality of the day. Off phones let nothing interfere with proper rest.

3. Evening exercise

The founder of the popular application Buffer Joel Gascoigne - a fan walk. Yes, he makes a nightly walk before going to bed, breathing the fresh air, trains the muscles of the legs and trying not to think about his disturbing problems during these walks. Walking increases human creativity, convinced Joel. Walking ensure restful sleep, fatigue at the end of the day evaporates while walking relaxation. Walk to health!

4. Meditation

This evening suit trick in store, of course, not all. After meditation - a special skill that you need to learn. Because such a sense of harmony with oneself and the world can not be obtained by any other method. Oprah Winfrey is practicing meditation every night and tells everyone to try it. Through meditation it is unloaded after a very tight labor days. If meditation does not suit you personally - you can always relax, watching the nature. Sometimes you just have to look at the sky means to gain inner peace.

5. Creativity

Renowned fashion designer Vera Wang every night trains in solving creative problems. The best time to do - evening and night, she said. Faith was lucky - her work brings her both pleasure and relaxation. For work at night, coming up with a new line of clothing for her quite naturally. At night, more opportunities for creativity, the brain does not feel the constraints framework, it is set to illogical actions, unlike the daytime. Before going to bed it is very useful to engage in creative activity - this significantly increases self-esteem and distracts from pressing concerns.

5. Without a plan - anywhere

Ability to plan - a guarantee that you will achieve success. Collected and responsible people always reach their goals. Kenneth Chenault , the head of the American Epress, well able to manage their time and before going to bed, he thinks the three most important things that he will do in the morning. It helps a lot to tune in to work immediately upon waking. As this method is very good to sleep - because you go to sleep with a clear conscience, things are planned, you can relax.

Every day - a little piece of your life, it is very important how you start and how it ends. Listen to this wise advice of successful people, they do not knowingly have come to such conclusions. Read and walk before going to bed - that's for sure habits not only useful, but also pleasant.

Let all of your days will be small steps towards happiness! Tell us about this useful article to their loved ones.

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