Make roll salad "Herring under a fur coat" and surprise guests unprecedented dish! These Russian land.

Bored banal salads gradually fading. Nobody right now they are not surprised. But what if the great taste of familiar dishes since childhood beckons? Worth trying the new incarnation of lettuce, which are all used. "Herring under a fur coat" can turn into a great roll, delicious and attractive in appearance. The unusual festive dish and decorate your table will cause the admiration of the guests present.

To roll you need:

  • cooked in their skins or baked beets - 4 piece
  • Welded to peel carrots - 4 piece
  • Welded to peel potatoes - 2 - 3 pieces < hard-boiled eggs - 2 pcs
  • Herring - 1 medium
  • Onions - 1 small onion
  • Mayonnaise - about 100 g
  • Salt


    1. All the vegetables boil before and thoroughly cooled (2 - 3 hours in the refrigerator).

    2. Herring to cut into fillets, the most daring and bones we shall cut small cubes.

    3. we shall cut onions finely and mix with chopped herring.

    4. Vegetables peel and grate on a fine grater.

    5. Eggs as cleanse and rub on a small grater.

    6. Press the grated beets and laid out on a layer of plastic wrap.

    7. Ambassador. Cover with foil or package and tamped.

    8. beets carrots laid out. Layer carrots should be slightly smaller (generally slightly narrower) layer beet.

    9. Ambassador, cover the bag and a little tough. Promazh mayonnaise.

    10. carrots put a layer of grated potatoes. It should also be slightly lower than the previous layer of carrot. Ambassador, compacted, promazh mayonnaise.

    11. Put the potatoes egg layer, which should also be slightly less than the previous potato. Ambassador, compacted, promazh mayonnaise.

    12. In the center of the strip-gorochkoy lay out a herring with onions. Wrap all collected in a roll.

    13. Crimp the edges.

    14. Take in a film roll in the refrigerator for 2 - 3 hours, and better - overnight. Give authentic.

    15. The shift to a serving platter, remove foil. Decorate at will.

    That's all! Wonderful ready to roll. Feed them their loved ones, they will appreciate your skills. This original roll can be cut into slices and it will look like sushi! This precisely none of the guests did not try.

    If you had a great desire to make a roll - please friends let too will appreciate this delightful unusual recipe.

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