You dream to move to another country? In these 10 places are the happiest people live!

Home country will always be in your heart, wherever you may be. Nostalgia, feeling of attachment to their native places, childhood memories - everything is so touching, wonderful ... But nobody would argue that sometimes want to permanently leave the country, which has become for you hopeless homeland, a country that can not provide all people with jobs and necessary conditions for a normal life. Emigration in vogue for a long time, not just a lot of people travel outside the country of his childhood for many years in a row. Because there are places in the world where you can live a better life. That's quite an impressive list, you should familiarize yourself with it if the thought of moving to offend you, respond with something very close. You do not want to go anywhere - it's your right, just look what a wonderful place to eat on our great planet ...

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica - a truly fabulous place. Here you'll get an endless summer, beaches, tropical forests and beautiful weather. We can not but amaze the beauty of local nature and culture mouthwatering flavor. Also in this country, no army, and the life expectancy of an average of 79, 3 years. Is not it strange, almost paradisiacal living conditions.

2. Norway

Norwegian GDP - one of the highest in the world. Here per capita per year for about $ 54 947. Also in this country is very high level of satisfaction with life as people are provided all the necessary freedoms and opportunities for happiness. The survey proved that these people are also very trusting - 74% of Norwegians are confident that others can trust. For example, in Russia the figure of trust is only 27%. What can I say? Trust the people - that's fine, good to live in a country where it can afford.

3. Denmark

Residents of Denmark enjoyed free medical care, and receive extended paid leave to care for a child. Such cultural values ​​such as gender equality, as well as a sense of responsibility can be traced in many spheres. Citizens of Denmark - are big fans of cycling. In addition, this blossoming country has a rich culture, and its beauty is mesmerizing.

4. Vietnam

Over the past 20 years, Vietnam has become one of the countries most frequently visited by tourists. Citizens of Vietnam are satisfied with what they have, and the overall level of satisfaction in the country is quite high. Picturesque beaches, delicious food and friendly locals - only a small part of the beauties of Vietnam.

5. Canada

In Canada, higher incomes, greater longevity and robust social ties. And it is very educational development.

6. Colombia

In Colombia, you can enjoy the diverse nature of several climatic zones: savannah, mountain climate, desert and tropical forests. Colombian coffee will win your heart and colorful national holidays will never be bored.

7. Netherlands

Netherlands offers its residents a high level of security in employment and excellent working conditions. At the same time the Dutch are able to find a balance between free time and work, due to which their rate of life satisfaction is quite high: it reaches 9 points according to

8. Belize

Anyone who chooses his place of residence in Belize will be able to experience first hand what it is - to be surrounded by the world's largest barrier reef, enjoy a mild climate all year round and maintain a relaxed "Caribbean" life. In addition, Belize - a multicultural country where everything is very well get along and get along.

9. Sweden

According to Forbes Sweden - the best option for those who want to do business. This country offers you a great opportunity to realize himself as an entrepreneur. Start your own business is not so expensive, but based on individualism culture and a high degree of interpersonal trust only raise the level of satisfaction with life in this country. Sweden - a paradise for entrepreneurs!

10. El Salvador

El Salvador - not the most popular target for tourists, but it's exactly what you want if you love the simple quiet life, half-empty beaches and a large amount of unrealized business opportunities. Also, the country draws its friendly people, delicious food and beautiful scenery.

You choose where to live, and most importantly - how. If you feel that you would like to try to be in a different reality, in another country - and why not? This is an invaluable experience, and it is in the acquisition of various experiences is the meaning of our lives. Everyone chooses for themselves, as you know.

Share with all of this inspiring list of countries. Such information may get someone to change their life for the better!

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