This guy will show you how to make glow in the dark table. No magic, everything is very simple!

Most recently, you could read about how to make delicious glowing banks, which can decorate even the most boring interior. It came all the glowing table - practical and beautiful. It looks this piece of furniture cosmically, but do it is not difficult! Luminous table will look spectacular on the street and in the home. There is no reason not to try to create such a miracle with their own hands for the joy of all domestic. You'll need just a couple of boards, photoluminescent powder, resin and some tools. For work!

First, find the right board. These pictures - board of cypress wood.

Simply click on the little board sanding tool to give the necessary form recesses.

Mix resin and a photoluminescent powder zaley this mixture board. It's easy!

Give the resin to dry well. Illuminated tabletop - ready!

Such a thing would be the original decoration of any garden.

The fantastic thing to do sometimes is that simple! Tell your friends about this shining table, people with golden hands will appreciate this idea.

via takprosto cc


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