Learn to understand it perfectly! 18 men's rules, which is know to all women.

Being a man - a difficult task, if only because we have to understand women. On the Internet there are plenty of articles on women's rules. We decided to write their own, men's rules. If you want to have a better understanding, memorize them, because they are applicable to any real man.

1. If we ask, "What happened?" And you answer, "Nothing," then we will behave as if nothing had happened. We, of course, clear that this is a lie. But does it make sense to argue?

2. If you ask a question that you do not want to hear the answer to, expect an answer that you do not want to hear.

3. If you think you are fat, it's probably true. But we do not need to ask.

4. If we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the interpretations of acts on you like a red rag to a bull, we mean second.

5. You can ask us to do something or to explain how we should do it. But not at the same time. Otherwise, you do everything myself, you know better.

6. If you want something, just tell me. With us semitransparent hints do not work. Even the autumn broad hints useless. Why is it so hard to say all right?

7. Learn to finally interact with the toilet itself harnesses, you're still not a little girl. If you need it to be lowered, so faint, I'm not complaining, that you lift it.

8. Almost any question can be answered with just two words - "Yes" and "No».

9. We need to solve problems, so happened to us just what can be solved. For other problems do you have a girlfriend.

10. If the headache persists for 17 months, you clearly something wrong. See a doctor.

11. What we have said more than 6 months ago, remember meaningless. Shelf life of any phrase expire no later than a week.

12. Please Save your everything you wanted to say to advertising.

13. Christopher Columbus did not say no where to swim. And we do not need!

14. Just so you know, peach - is the juice, not the color. Pumpkin - a cake, too, not the color. And we even have no idea what a coral or mauve.

15. If something itches, it is necessary to scratch. Point.

16. If we have to go somewhere together, absolutely anything you wear is suitable.

17. Tears - a blackmail.

18. If you do not want to talk about hockey, the device motherboard, or an internal combustion engine of the US foreign policy, it is better not ask what we think.

That's all.

Joking aside, but it's true. We love the ease of communication, we can easily solve your problem, unless, of course, it's all real, and we are ready to take care of you.

Tell your friends and girlfriends of these men's rules!

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