Dreams of a beautiful skin of the face? Since any problem can be overcome with the help of essential oils.

To improve the condition of even the most problematic skin, you can use essential oils. They are no worse cosmetics and it is absolutely natural. Essential oils are very concentrated, so a couple of drops are usually sufficient. They can be added in cream, lotion, shampoo or any other cosmetics, especially homemade. Choose oils that are right for you, and an excellent result is not long to wait!

1. improve the condition of dry and sensitive skin to help the essential oils of sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, rose, myrrh, blue daisies.

2. Settle state oily skin You can use the oils of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon balm, lemon, rosemary, fir cones.

3. For skin care under the eyes suitable oils of rose, jasmine, rosewood, pine, geranium, myrtle, ginger, carrot, lavender, fennel, patchouli, incense, sandalwood.

4. To add skin vitamins , use orange, verbena, spruce, rosewood.

5. Clear skin and narrow pores to help the oil of grapefruit, ylang-ylang, lemon, marjoram, myrrh, lemon balm, rosemary.

6. soothe irritated skin You can use the geranium, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, chamomile blue.

7. To accelerate skin regeneration to help the essential oils Bigard, geranium, jasmine, ylang-ylang, cypress, lavender, myrrh, rose, chamomile.

8. Get the skin lifting effect may be using oil Bigard, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, rose, fennel.

9. Assist rejuvenate the skin essential oils Bigard, jasmine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, frankincense, verbena, rose.

10. To cope with edema , you can use chamomile, lemon, myrrh, juniper, pine.

11. Get rid of rosacea may be due to the lemon, myrtle, mint, vervain, cypress, rose.

12. To complexion was fresh , choose oils of verbena, rose, mint, rosewood, pepper.

13. Clear skin from acne it is possible, using pine, tea tree, cloves, myrtle, chamomile, lavender, fir cones, eucalyptus.

14. reduce inflammation You can use the geranium, chamomile, calendula, orange, lemon, juniper.

15. Get rid of herpes may be due to the lemon, juniper, bergamot, verbena, ginger, pepper, tea tree.

16. To avoid dermatitis tormented , use the lavender, juniper, geranium, cedar, rose.

These oils - a real storehouse of nutrients for the skin. In addition, each of them has its own specific action and can prevent or cure certain skin problems. Carefully choose the right essential oil and you use it as an ingredient for homemade cosmetics or added to the ready-made. Make your face fresh and beautiful - very easy!

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