Twenty proven ways to use essential oils

The use of essential oils to maintain health and healing diseases has attracted increasing attention nowadays. This applies not only to spheres of life and of self-medication, but also many areas of traditional medicine.

Very easy and safe to recommend the use of essential oils from any ailment, while the problem of choosing a particular form of essential oil for the treatment of a particular disease is in practice very difficult. Let's be clear: we are all sometimes faced with a small problem that would be solved immediately without spending time on long study of the literature.

Try and be a bit easier on yourself using a list of twenty proven ways to use essential oils to treat common ailments in both adults and children, and even Pets.

1. Hiccup

Apply a little peppermint oil on the back of the neck, a drop on each side of the spine.

2. Runny nose

Brush each side of the nose, the lemon oil is "dried" the nose when cold. If it happens in the summer, it is better to avoid some time of sunlight, so as not to burn.

3. Drowsiness

Mix peppermint oil and aralia barbed, apply to back of neck and then inhale the vapors of oil remaining on the hands. You can also add four drops each of the oils in an inhaler.

4. Itching and irritation of the eyes

Apply lavender oil with a small amount of base vegetable oil on the exposed surfaces of the facial bones surrounding the eyes (avoid getting into eyes). If doing this procedure children, you must make sure that they are not rubbing the eyes until completely absorbed oil.

5. Allergic reactions

Mix equal proportions of lavender, lemon and peppermint – get a natural antibiotic! RUB the composition of the soles of the feet morning and evening. If possible, add the composition in the inhaler.

6. Ear pain (infection)

Mix two drops of Basil oil with a small amount of base vegetable oil and RUB around the ear, behind the ear and on its surface. Use the product several times a day. However, in no case should not be dripping oil into the ear hole.

7. Shortness of breath

With the accumulation of mucus in the bronchi or pulmonary manifestations of asthma could be applied on the chest a special breathing mixture (composed of peppermint oil, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and clove), and then applied his hands to his face and inhaled.

8. Bad breath

A drop of eucalyptus oil on the tongue will return you the joy and freshness of kisses.

9. Fungal disease stop

Tea tree oil can get rid of this extremely unpleasant disease. Apply pure undiluted oil on the affected surface twice a day.

10. The toe nail fungus

It will also help the tea tree oil. You need to apply it on the affected nails with a cotton swab morning and night.

11. Warts and papillomas

Use a cotton swab for applying a small amount of oregano oil on the affected skin in the morning and before bed. Oregano – burning oil, so it is best to limit only a point impact. Warts should disappear within two or three weeks. Warts will take a few more a long time, but eventually will disappear.

For children: for this purpose helps the lemon oil. Apply it morning and evening and not mask off anything: it is important that the skin breathe. You just have to be careful with sun tanning – the skin becomes hypersensitive.

12. Cellulite

Mix a hundred ml of oil of grapefruit with the same amount of fractionated coconut oil and RUB into problem areas after shower or bath. You will gain divine aroma and the skin will gradually soften and smoothen.

13. Diaper rash in a child

Make a few special mixes for the treatment of diaper rash in 500 milliliters of water add one teaspoon of organic liquid soap for the body, four drops of tea tree oil and the same amount of lavender oil. This mixture can also serve as a great way to prevent diaper rash.

14. Fleas in dogs

Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on the back surface of the collar of your dog. You can also tie it round her neck, a bandanna, dropping it on the same oil, and the fleas will not remain nothing but shameful flight.

15. Inflammation of the middle ear in dogs

Mix one drop of tea tree oil with a small amount of vegetable oil base, apply the mixture on a cotton swab and RUB the inner surface of the ears of your dog.

16. Sunburn of the nose in dogs

A mixture of lavender oil with a base of vegetable oil apply to affected areas of dog's nose. By the way, the method is well suited for people who overdo with sunburn.

17. Muscle pain

Make an equal share of funds "Amend blend" (include oil, Corsican immortelle, chamomile, tansy, Roman chamomile, carrot seed and French lavender) with fractionated coconut oil. Use the mixture as a massage oil to relieve excruciating pain after the first visit to the fitness center. For special enhance the effect, you can also add a drop integranova oil or birch tar.

18. Fever, chills, fever

A few drops of peppermint oil mixed with a small amount of base vegetable oil applied to the chest and back can reduce the body temperature by three degrees for a few minutes.

19. Burns

A drop of lavender oil applied to a burn will immediately stop the pain and reduce the lesions.

20. Heartburn, belching

Two drops of peppermint in a glass of milk can quickly relieve the symptoms of heartburn. Another great remedy is the mixture of oils of lemon, curly mint, clove, fennel and ginger. Heartburn a few drops should be rubbed into the skin on the chest.

Goodbye it is necessary to say a few words about the creative approach and continuous improvement. Starting with the simplest combinations of essential oils for a first aid for simple everyday ailments, it is possible experimentally to gradually create a powerful Arsenal of natural remedies that will help to get rid of many health problems and significant savings on medications.



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