10 essential oils that are needed in every home

1. Lavender

Oil that as a joke, aromatherapist, "helps all diseases and fits all."

To be used for different wounds, abrasions, cuts adults and children. Pure dot applied on a local inflammation (pimples, boils).

The most valuable feature of oil of lavender, it soothes. Calms the mind, reduces excessive stress after a hard day's work. Gently adjusts to the sleep.

Shampoo with the addition of lavender essential oil and hydrolate use as a leave-in tonic will make hair soft, manageable, and keep from excessive overheating during installation.

Regular Voskresenie oil burner with lavender is recommended for mood swings and emotional instability.

Lavender is the Savior of sunburns. Soothes skin after sunburn, prevents flaking and destruction of the skin with excessive sun exposure.


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2. Limon

Oil No. 1 is to cleanse and stimulate the liver. Purifies and normalizes blood composition. Relieves headaches. Reduces pressure.

Used as a prevention of colds, so it is recommended burn in oil burner at least 1-2 times a week.

Stimulates the health.

Part of the funds for hands as it strengthens nails and gives your hands a well-groomed appearance. Added to shampoos for blonde hair – has a firming and brightening actions.


3. Tea tree

Recognized among professionals and enthusiasts with an antiseptic, although, according to experimental data of the research Institute. Sechenov (Crimea), it is in fifth place in the list of essential oils are antiseptics. In the first place in this list – essential oil of thyme, and the second rose essential oil.

Used in a variety of respiratory diseases, is considered a broad-spectrum antiseptic. Dot applied on the pimples and local inflammation. Has astringent and anti-inflammatory actions. Added to funds from fungus and herpes. Used in the composition of funds for intimate hygiene in order to normalize and maintain the microflora.

Used in various lesions of skin, including oily seborrhea, staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. Heals wounds, cracks and abrasions. Is added to water for inhalation for cold and sinus in combination with essential oils of eucalyptus, spruce, pine, kaputa, Myrtle. Disinfects the room. Some hostesses also add tea tree oil in the wash for the disinfection of bedding, clothing and so on.

4. Ylang-ylang

The essential oil of ylang-ylang is a most intriguing essential oil, as it is a very powerful aphrodisiac (in second place in the list of herbal aphrodisiacs after hibiscus). Deeply relaxes and adjusts to stay. After the working day it is recommended to take bathrooms with the following mixture of essential oils: lavender 4 drops, ylang ylang 4 drops. Be sure to mix essential oils with the emulsifier before adding them to the bathroom!

Ylang-ylang – the fragrance of femininity, creativity, surprise! Reveals the creative energy and improves mood. Used for the care of all types of skin cosmetics, facial masks and body in the bath.

When added to natural shampoo or as a toner after washing strengthens hair roots, nourishes and smoothes split ends. Also used in cosmetics for hands, strengthens nails and prevents breakage.

5. Geranium

Oil, which is particularly useful to women. Supports the hormonal system of women at any age, especially during menopause and premenstrual syndrome. Very powerful bioregulator.

Used for headaches, migraines, neuroses, excessive temper and mood swings. Children are very useful to inhale the fragrance of the essential oil of geranium (in recommended dosages!), as it stabilizes the psyche.

Another geranium oil is called "ear-throat-nose", as it contributes to the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases such as sinusitis, otitis media, tonsillitis, etc.

Geranium is one of the few oils that is suitable for sensitive and combination skin. Balances the production of sebum. Restores dry and dehydrated skin when added to natural cosmetics or base oil. Promotes tightening of the skin, making it effective for cellulite.

6. Cedar

Cedar essential oil renowned for its beneficial effects on energy. Fifteen minutes in a bath with essential oil of cedar is able to fully restore power after a hard day, when lack of energy or extreme fatigue. Clears the energy of the room when Voskresenie in the oil burner or added to water for wet cleaning.

Since ancient times, the cedar is part of beauty treatments for body and face. In cosmetology manifested its main effect: significant improvement of energy and skin quality.

Cedar is more or less accepted by men, among ylang-ylang, geranium and lavender, they will probably prefer it. Used as remedies and tonics for and after shaving due to the antiseptic action.

Strengthens hair and nails (pure cedar essential oil can be applied to the nail plate and massage into the skin, apply every other day).

7. Orange

Oil of orange – oil, which everybody loves! One of the few oils that is able to stabilize unstable emotional background.

Improves emotional state during seasonal depression. Relieves headaches, fatigue, restores power while reducing efficiency. Accelerates the healing process.

Soap with the addition of orange essential oil invigorates and inspires optimism and makes life joyful!

8. Mint

Peppermint essential oil – strong anti-depressant. Helps with motion sickness in transport. Adapts to new conditions of life such as new job, new residence, etc.

Used for headaches and migraines in the oil burner or as a local rastertime temples in the ratio of 5:1, where 5 is 5 drops of base oil jojoba or apricot, 1 – 1 drop of essential oil. Apply the mixture on your temples in a circular motion clockwise with the thumb of the right hand.

Increases concentration and stimulates mental activity. Shown in cardiovascular diseases (in the composition of many drugs is an extract or essential oil of peppermint). With regular use strengthens the immune system, which is especially recommended for older people.

Locally applied to the bite of insects, eliminates burning, itching, swelling. Used in low dosages.

9. Juniper

Juniper is one of the first aromatic plants, marked the beginning of aromatherapy.

Juniper berry oil has a powerful cleansing effect. Beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system through rubbing or massage.

When you add in the bath removes toxins from the body. Promotes the breakdown of fat, prevents the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, cleans the lymph and blood.

For cosmetic purposes it is used to accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers, as well as in infectious diseases of the skin.

10. Patchouli

Patchouli is one of my favorite fragrances for women and men. Deeply relaxing and is a strong aphrodisiac. Creates a unique atmosphere in the house. It is believed that patchouli oil may improve well-being, many call this oil the scent of money.

Used for all skin types, promotes healing of post-acne and other scars. Has a deodorizing and antiseptic properties.

Strengthens hair, adds Shine, reduces oiliness and prevents hair loss. published 


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