Treatment of ARTHRITIS with essential oils

Arthritis is an ailment that mainly affects the joints, causing joint pain and limitations of joint mobility. He is also characterized by redness and swelling. If untreated, arthritis may cause increasing discomfort and further disability.

Since most of the official methods of treatment of arthritis can cause side effects suffering from this disease people should probably try alternative medicine, in particular, the treatment with essential oils. When the disease arthritis essential oils can be invaluable, as they have, along with many other advantages, also natural anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to eliminate the pain.


Which essential oils help the joints arthritisEssential oil of peppermint

Properties: reduces pain and inflammation

Why it helps: peppermint essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of menthol. The presence and obezbolivatmi effect makes it a great remedy for arthritis.

Application: since this oil is very powerful, it is recommended razbavlyali it with oil-based before rubbing in the joints.


Rosemary essential oil

Properties: helps to improve blood circulation.

Why it helps: rosemary essential oil is one of the most effective oil for arthritis because it has many qualities, relieving inflammation.

Application: dilute rosemary oil with a base oil (like olive or jojoba) and massage the mixture into the area affected by arthritis.


Oil of oregano for arthritisProperties: softens hard, painful joints.

Why it helps: the Oil of marjoram is very useful for relieving joint pain due to its soothing and relaxing properties. It is also used in sprains, bruises, muscle spasms and stiffness of the joints.

Application: this oil may irritate the skin if you apply it directly on the damaged surface, so do not apply oil of oregano on cuts and other skin damage. Arthritis apply it directly on the damaged arthritic plot, oil will bring relief from pain and relaxation.


Eucalyptus essential oil

Properties: General healing properties and improve blood circulation.

Why it helps: eucalyptus essential oil thins the blood in the blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation and promote the natural healing of the body.

How to apply: eucalyptus oil can be directly applied on the affected arthritic area of the body, not diluted.


Lavender essential oil for arthritis

Properties: reduces dull pain that often accompanies arthritis and other types of pain.

Why it helps: lavender is one of the most suitable oils in the treatment of arthritis because it improves circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles and joints, and also has many relaxing properties.

Application: mix 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil with a small amount of olive oil and massage the mixture of massage into the affected area. The other way is make yourself a warm bath with the addition of 5 drops lavender to relax the entire body.


Basil oil

Properties: relieves pain

Why it helps: the essential oil of Basil has many anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, so is widely used in the treatment of arthritis.

How to apply: when applied topically, in high concentrations, oil of Basil has an effect similar to the effect of aspirin or ibuprofen. published


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