The most unusual way of cooking spaghetti. Just one small change ...

When it comes to cooking spaghetti, comes to mind familiar and repeatedly proven instruction: Pour into the pan the right amount of water to boil, throw in the pasta bubbling water ... As it turned out, not necessarily to do everything in a familiar way! Prepare perfect, not boiled pasta can be a very different way. At the same time you save a lot of time, effort and water. Spaghetti will be ready in two times faster than normal. See a video of a wonderful cooked spaghetti unusually simple way ...

In order to quickly cook the perfect pasta, put them in a frying pan - of course, it must be deep enough. Pour pasta in cold water, and light a fire under the pan. Need a small amount of water, it boils quickly. After 4 minutes the spaghetti is ready, you immediately notice it! Such a process ensures that the pasta is not sticky and well cooked. Since the preparation takes place in a frying pan, you will not forget about pasta and in time they get one out of the water, which will help to avoid of cooking. A great way is not it? Now I'll always use it - it's much easier to classic version with a saucepan.

Show all unusual way of cooking pasta, it makes life easier!

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