5 Dangerous sports exercises that you should not perform. Obezopas yourself from injury!

If you decide to go in for sports, go to the gym or attend group fitness classes, in any case, that's fine. There are many exercises that will strengthen your muscles and make the body more fit. But be aware that not all exercises are created equal. If you do not want to get injured, you never perform five exercises that are presented below. They only look harmless, but in fact these exercises are very dangerous and not suitable for most people.

1. Exercises Leg

For this exercise you need to put your feet under the special rollers and then bend and unbend them in his lap. How often are you in daily life faced with the need to raise the legs like that? Probably not often. So why do it at the gym? Many coaches say that the only exercise that follows the natural movement of the person, useful. This exercise can be very traumatic for your knees. Replace it with squats, deadlifts and lunges. They will also help you pump up the quadriceps muscles of the thighs, but is much safer.

2. Pulldown exercise for head

In carrying out this exercise, a person sits on the seat and the trainer takes on the crossbar, then the back has its head down and elbows. This exercise is strictly forbidden to do! The upper link should only be performed in front of your body. Otherwise, you may damage the shoulder joint.

3. Squats in the simulator Smith

Exercise looks very innocuous, but in fact it is not. When you squat, your back as straight as possible and is perpendicular to the floor, the weight of very heavy load on the spine and knees. Rather than sit-ups a Smith machine perform better squats with dumbbells. Exercise can also be replaced with a barbell lunges.

4. Exercise for the waist "Superman»

Earlier this exercise was considered one of the most simple and safe. Now all the coaches insist that when it is running a large load is concentrated in the lumbar region, which is very bad, because it is the most sensitive part of the body to stress. Better to replace this exercise to "stand hunting dog." Get on all fours, straighten one arm and an opposite leg, lift them parallel to the floor and remained in this position for 5 seconds. Then do the exercise to the opposite limb.

5. Dips

Excessive and abrupt load during these push-ups hurt the heart, so they need to be introduced gradually. Also here there is a risk to overload the small muscles of the back and elbow joints hurt, since dips need to completely lift the entire weight of his body in uncharacteristic for this position.

When performing these five exercises on a variety of muscles are committed unnatural for everyday life movement, which is fraught with serious injury. Replace these exercises safer, especially if you are a beginner. Ask a good sports coach, so he made a plan for you and netravmoopasnyh effective exercise.

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