With this trick you can chill your drinks just 2 minutes to as much as 20 degrees!

Most drinks when they reach room temperature and become unpalatable. Their cooling may take a long time. But if you know a little trick, you'll be able to quickly make any drink ice. It cools down to 20 degrees in only 2 minutes, while in the refrigerator for several hours it is necessary.

For this you need a bowl of water, ice cubes, salt and drink. First, pour the water into a bowl and emptying the ice there. Then add 2 tbsp. spoons of salt. Mix well and put in a container drink.

After one minute, stir again the fluid around the cans or bottles and leave it for another minute. After that, you can enjoy ice-cold drink.

Look how cool the drink guy in the video!

Lemonade this guy has cooled from 24 to 5 degrees! What is the secret? And the fact that the salt makes the ice melt faster and faster to melt, it is necessary to give a cold environment. Physics - a great thing!

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