Previously, I also thought that it is always to be happy - it is impossible. I not yet learned about it ...

There is nothing surprising in the fact that people are concerned about the issue of happiness all the time. Each of us had these inspires, with nothing comparable experience that is called happiness. Of course, more often want to be in this state - it is a pity, it is not always possible. Someone hinders the work to be happy; someone is sad, because in times of crisis, it is normal; someone can not solve the problem of old and new - is on its way ... Millions of little things we grieve every day. In life often occur disappointment. Well, in this situation we can speak of happiness, especially the eternal?

It's not so sad. In fact, to be in good spirits and feel the harmony of the world is possible under any circumstances. But the fact is that you can achieve this state on their own! To be happy and enjoy life, do not need to wait for the very "happy moment". You already have everything in order to feel better, to feel the way you want. The universal weapon against all ills, and it - love.

love for themselves and others will lead you to happiness. Unselfish, true love. Modern society does not teach us to love, only to consume. But consumption - breaking load, constant buying and using other people for their own interests do not bring happiness. And love - pure creation. The more familiar to you the feeling of love, the happier you are, the better are your works. Everything is logical: a man who loves his job - working with dedication, loving people person receives in response to positive energy. He who loves his life - home to the best of its options.

Every day in front of you is a difficult choice - you decide yourself how you will today. Selfish or accommodating, kind or angry. Choosing the dedication and love, you choose happiness. At first, it may seem to you that this is - nonsense. What sense to treat with love for a man who, let's say you come to transport on foot ... But try for once instead of curses to say simple, friendly words. The result will be reflected in your condition immediately! Love and kindness that you give to others, always come back.

Let your heart never dries up the source of love. Learn to love - happiness is attached as a gift.

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