8 stylish hairstyles for long hair every day. Be compelling - simple!

Look at these 8 simple hairstyles and think: why not change their way more often? Make styling differently - so brush up on your appearance. Wear hairstyles so as to conform to the clothes. These options help you skillfully cope with long hair, these methods need to know any girl. If suddenly you do not remember how to do this or that elementary hairstyle - here's a valuable reminder. The manner of placing your matters and affects your appearance in general, remember that!

1. Normal tail

The tail - quite original hairstyle nowadays: many forget about it. If you perevyazhesh hair ribbon, your image will be very attractive.

2. Laying to one side

This packing is very easy to do using a special fixing means, but admiring glances you provided! Remember Marilyn Monroe and make voluminous strands more pronounced on one side. Luxurious looks ...

3. French glamor

With studs easily create a shell of hair. Neat hair, but at the same time very feminine. Well suited to jeans, and a little black dress.

4. Available braided plait

You will not regret choosing a hairstyle for a date or for a party. Despite its simplicity, it is very elegant! And make it a breeze - just braid braid strands of the broad, clean the tip inside, stabbing easy pin.

5. Romantic locks

Several movements, and your hair will be incredibly voluminous! Use mousse or hair gel, giving them additional strength and volume. To as much as possible fluff hair, put his head down and comb hair, starting from the roots.

6. Node

The assembly of the hair can twist a couple of minutes, and it's such a bargain hairstyle! Suitable for business meetings and for festive buffet. Tip: to host a well-kept, pierce pin and secure it just in case. Although conventional hairpin and elastic band suitable for this hairstyle.

7. Braid around the head

It is something! Stylish styling that is reminiscent of the hippie and beautiful princesses the same time. It looks unusual, the available hair girl unjustly forgotten.

8. Elegant styling

This option is folded back into the cochlea hair - an example of a truly elegant hairstyles. Use it when you need to attend an important event, or simply when you have a serious mood collected.

The hairstyle can change your look instantly! Combine the same clothes with different installation methods, and you realize how dependent you produced an impression of what is happening on your head. Do not pity to spend an extra minute to make an unusual hairstyle method. When placing the hair in different ways every day, you take care of them - if they grow in the right direction, do not fall into the same parting.

Share with your friends these delicious options for hairstyles, let them remember how you can easily and quickly prihoroshitsya.

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