33 "masterpieces" culinary arts from the would-be chefs. These people never set foot in the kitchen!

Do not stop to make sure that some people can not not like to cook, but even to go to the kitchen is not recommended. Of course, a good idea to cook, do not need a special talent, while so you can manage to spoil the dish? I do not even know where your hands have to grow, to get such "masterpieces". .cc 33 gathered for you the most terrible mistakes in the culinary arts. After them, I realized that I just did the god of the kitchen ...

An ingenious solution.

And why not?

Why throw money into the pan?

A bit overdone ...

What? In my opinion it seems.

Spaghetti in a glass.

Another alternative use of the coffee maker.

Do not be afraid, it's just bananas in chocolate.

Just do not distinguish!

What happened?

Hedgehog from hell.

My wife said to clean half the potatoes.

Another dish straight from hell.

I think I forgot something ...

Everything went really well.

Awesome idea and execution of the same.

Something went wrong ...

So it was conceived.

Very similar.

If the fridge is empty, sandwiches and ice can do.

I was so planned.

Is not it seem?

Why ?!

How do they do it?

He looks like a penguin from "BatmanĀ».

Find the 5 differences.

It's just a smiley face.

Something went wrong again.

Oops ... Not the pan.

Pizza, which resembles a nuclear explosion.

Mmm ... Crisp.

Just think, a little burnt.

Someone forgot to stir the pasta.

Looking at these pictures, I realize that I can still be the hero of a cooking show and I even have a chance to win. Do not repeat those mistakes if you do not want to become a hero of the same articles on the Internet.

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