15 great movie that will change your mind. You're never going to the same!

Well to make a film in which there is a great idea, and who is trying to bring something to people, it is possible to review dozens of times. Some movies each time open themselves on the other side: you notice new details and deep phrase, double meaning and other things. < .cc I made for you a selection of 15 films, viewing that you've changed. And they still long will not leave your mind.

Dead / Dead Man

cult film cult director with cult actor in a leading role. Mandatory for all who want to get away from the movie, besides the beautiful pictures, anything else and for the mind and soul. This is a film from the category of those that cause the brain to rotate and smoke to the fullest.

Vanilla Sky / Vanilla Sky

Do you ever get the impression that you're in someone else's nightmare, psychedelic fantasies, if anything? This film will give you that impression. Incredibly full, present, three-dimensional. It will change your ideas about the reality of the situation shocking ending genius.

Dogville / Dogville

This is an unusual movie, deliberately devoid of "unnecessary" decorations and as a result, spectacular camera angles and stunning special effects. Similar to a theatrical production, this film is trying to show some kind of blindness each person, intentionally pulled down over his eyes, "curtain" because of the reluctance to see the pain and suffering of others.

A Beautiful Mind / A Beautiful Mind

John Nash - the great mathematician and Nobel Prize winner in economics. The person who really has achieved a lot in his life: he has a loving wife, children, favorite job and most prestigious scientific award. But before that, it was difficult to reach. Schizophrenia, the trials of life, hard work allowed him to do it, but still ...

More Land / Another Earth

The film "Another Earth" is not on the planet, doubles or broken mirror - it's about how some people are trying to be other people to forget the terrible past. But they can not.


A mysterious alien from the planet K-PAX suddenly appears at a busy railway station. It looks unremarkable man - except that sunglasses and slight smile observer distinguish it from the crowd. Soon it becomes clear that the stranger's name against, and he travels with the help of the energy contained in a light beam. Not surprisingly, the place of his stay in New York is becoming a mental hospital.

Trans / Trance

It is very specific, exciting and high-quality movies that skillfully leads the viewer's nose during the entire timing. The film will give you an excellent acting job, stunning visuals and mesmerizing atmosphere.

Start / Inception

From the first minutes of viewing, it is clear that the viewer does not have to be bored. A huge number of interesting characters, a great ensemble cast, film-quality effects. All this makes the viewer get bored even for a second, thereby revealing more and more unexpected plot twists.

The Melancholy / Melancholia

Imagine end of the world. Which will it be? Terrible, terrible? Or it can be beautiful. Beautiful as the planet from which it is impossible to look away. Lars von Trier has created a true masterpiece, which is something wonderful, bearing down on Earth will be able to reveal all human fears and vices.

Peaceful Warrior / Peaceful Warrior

The film is filled with lively warmth and wisdom that prove that only you yourself know all the answers to the questions asked. The main thing - to look a little deeper.


Tarkovsky earth. It is not about space, it - about people. The planet Solaris is not the subject of the story - it's a way to see themselves and their conscience. Think about your life, about errors that committed and ultimately admit his guilt. Declare yourself. "Shame - that feeling that will save humanity," - says Chris.

Stay / Stay

A student named Henry, who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, comes to the psychologist and said he would kill himself three days later, on Saturday at midnight. The fate of the protagonists of the film more and more intertwined, flowing into each other, creating a kind of chaotic reality, but at the same time carries, forcing straighten things out.

The Awakening / Awakenings

In the movie "Awakening" tells the story of Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a researcher who goes to work in a mental health facility doctor. Sayer fall under the supervision of a dozen patients are in catatonic stupor. The nature of the investigator makes Sayre with a head dive into the search for the causes of a rare disease.

The Man from Earth / The Man from Earth

Several people have come to the young Dean of the University, to help him with the move. From the house we have taken almost all the furniture, and they sit at the only abandoned couch before the fire, drinking a bottle of whiskey, lead the conversation, which may seem ravings of a madman. Dean argues that he is a man who for 14 000 years wandering the earth, he remembers the days when mammoths walked the plains, and was familiar with the Buddha and many other legendary personalities.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The plot touches, grabs, does not digress for a second. From beginning to end, this film is unique, there is no place for trite, even romantic love and shows a completely new side to the viewer.

If you will be a free hour or two, Mark is time to review any of these films. I guarantee you that you will not spend time in vain!

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