Rusty braid to her waist: 7 rules that will help you grow a gorgeous head of hair.

Hair growth - it is a complex and slow process. Scientists say that the rate at which hair grows, laid genetically. Still, the process can be somewhat accelerated. That hair grew faster, you need to make a lot of effort and patience. The secret of long healthy hair - it proper care. We suggest you read a few recommendations that will help to achieve the desired result.

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle
What do you drink, eat and how to treat your body has a huge effect on hair growth. Eat more vegetables, fruits, drink clean water and exercise. People who suffer from vitamin A deficiency, and eating junk food, grow unhealthy and weak hair. To help strong hair growth, it is necessary to focus on the use of protein, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, and other nutrients. The main source of strength of the hair is a protein that makes up 20% of body weight. It is best to digest protein from eggs, fatty sea fish and poultry.
2. Do peeling scalp
Few people know that peeling of the scalp - this is one of the most important ways to care for themselves, which can improve hair growth. The skin of the scalp requires periodic cleaning of dead cells of the epidermis. These cells with excess sebum contribute to the formation of dandruff, accumulate products exchange. Therefore, you should use the special scrub from the store or make them at home. Peeling also improves nutrition and blood circulation in the hair follicles, which will help accelerate the growth of hair.
3. Avoid clogging the follicles
Give your hair a break from styling, especially the dry shampoos, powders and sprays to give volume at the roots. They can clog the follicles, which prevents the normal growth of hair.

4. Massage the scalp
Massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation, which helps to saturate the hair follicles. Do not be lazy to comb your hair twice a day. Before washing, the head can massage the skin with your fingers, moisten them in coconut oil or burdock.

5. Cut the ends of hair
Regular mowing will save you from the damaged, dry and split ends. Split ends, if not cut, can exfoliate more. And in the future will have to cut a lot more hair. Better prodelyvat this procedure slowly, but regularly.
6. Do hairstyle light
Hard rubber bands too tight ponytails and braids are harmful to hair. It is better to wear hair loose.
7. More natural
Colouring and perming can cause damage to the hair. Give up these procedures if you want to have long and healthy hair. Use your natural oils and hair masks. This will help keep their luster and beauty.

In order to grow long and healthy hair, in addition to using any masks activator of hair growth, it is necessary not to forget about the seven rules.

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