15 tips to help you live to be 100 years old. The secret of longevity is finally open!

Perhaps everyone would like to be healthy and live to a hundred years. But in the world there are so many visible and invisible threats that make this a reality is difficult. If you closely monitor their health, you useful tips that are given below. They will help you maintain health and live a long and happy life!

1. Read the newspaper upside down
And this is no joke. Reading upside down, you expose your brain a little stress, which help him to restore damaged cells. Also, you can write to you unfamiliar hand, listen to the music you nasty ...

2. Eat fruits and vegetables in red
Few people know that the peppers contain more vitamin C than an orange. Beetroot is rich in nitrates, which dilate blood vessels, and tomatoes are a source of lycopene, which protects against cancer and cardiovascular disease.

3. Run fast
Running reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 30 percent. Instead of running you can ride a bike.

4. Be careful when using public toilet
After each visit, the public toilet should be thoroughly wash your hands to get rid of bacteria that can not only cause serious diseases, but also weaken your immune system.

5. Eat bananas
This fruit lowers blood pressure. Its constituent potassium helps counteract the harmful effects of excess salt in the diet.

6. Crouching
This simple exercise helps to strengthen the muscles that in the future, especially in the elderly, help prevent falls.

7. Drink at least one cup of tea per day
Tea lowers levels of stress hormones in the blood and increases the chance of survival in the event of a heart attack by 28 percent, because the antioxidants contained in tea, strengthens blood vessels.

8. Go to bed an hour earlier
Sleep only one hour longer contributes to reduction and normalization of blood pressure. Also, prolonged sleep helps a person deal with stress.

9. Eat yogurt
Drink with probiotics have a positive effect on the digestive tract.

10. Use dental floss
It helps to get rid of the bacteria that cause tooth decay, which ultimately protects you from heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

11. Breathe through a straw
Do this every day, to improve lung function, reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through a straw.

12. Keep the house clean
People who frequently cleaned in your home, have high levels of serotonin (hormone of happiness). He, in turn, has a positive effect on a good sleep, good nutrition and, consequently, longevity.

13. Eat bacon instead of sausage
This may sound very strange, but it is less caloric than sausage. Its use can prevent heart disease and obesity.

14. Go for a walk every day
Walking has a positive effect on the brain and protects against dementia.

15. Superimposed on the plate eating smaller portions
Experiments on rats have shown that rodents that were given portions of 30 percent less, live twice as long.

These tips will really help you to be healthier. Do not be lazy to take the time and their health to live to a hundred years!

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