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One reason for the popularity of braids - to the versatility and flexibility of the hair. The most popular hairstyle of all time is, of course, Xhosa. A few interesting facts about the pigtails - in this post.

More than twenty species braid remeasure actress Jennifer Lawrence in the first two films of the trilogy "The Hunger Games." It was her heroine - Katniss Everdeen introduced in 2012, the fashion on the side braid with a tight weave.

In 1994, the young tennis player Anna Kournikova introduced long braid at the nape intercepted thick rubber band.

Since then, this hairstyle has not lost its relevance even Hollywood beauties show us its variations. For example, Selena Gomez:

And Blake Lively:

3500 BC dates back to the first image of a woman with a scythe. More precisely, with numerous tightly braided pigtails. With this hair could be seen, for example, Beyoncé.

In Russia, one braid means that the girl is still a bride. Two braided married women. He believes that the long braid draws vitality.

Artist Nagornov VA

In 2008, Jessica Alba came to the awards ceremony "Oscar" with the hair, which has since been called the best "Oscar" oblique.

Three biggest amateur braid hairstyles based in Hollywood - Diane Kruger, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kate Bosworth.

Diane Kruger

Seven "geographic" names braids are well known: the French, Russian, Dutch, English, German, Greek and afrokosichki.

Example "Dutch braid»

The classic French braid Amanda Seyfried

In 2010, the model on display Alexander Wang showed Spit casually braided to one side. The author of this hairstyle became a hairdresser Guido Palau.

This hairstyle has been used and is used by Hollywood celebrities:

Selena Gomez with oblique braiding free

Eva Longoria with a scythe on his side

In 2013 he returned to fashion plait wreath laid around the head. With her were spotted actress Christina Ricci, Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Lawrence, Florence Welch and models at the show Alice + Olivia.

Jennifer Lawrence

The new season of fashion again returns from braid updo. It's called Halo, which is translated from the English refers to a halo.

On the show Honor designers have proposed another variation of hairstyles with a scythe - Xhosa, braided with bright silk scarf:

In the spring of 2014 we are waiting for a new trend, claimed during New York Fashion Week: braids woven into them with colored strands.


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