20 beams to help complete a summer beauty image

You will not go wrong if you choose as fashionable hairstyles this summer's high beam. This simple hairstyle perfectly captures not only the hair, freeing the neck and face, but does not require special skills in the performance. Stylish, elegant and yet modern image is provided to you.

Select the appropriate style and mood of the photos will beam Kit.

Nicole Scherzinger:

High beam with thin pigtail at the base

At first glance, a bit tangled knot on his head Kerry Washington is in fact a key element in creating this image of beauty:

Elegant beam - a great hairstyle for those who are going on a summer party. For example, such as Nina Dobrev:

For those who like to experiment a bit with conventional styling, suitable example of Jennifer Morrison:

Elle Fanning demonstrates a perfect example of festive hairstyle. Of particular note is the original hairpin:

The beam, which if collected in one hair with your fingers, suitable for walking, and for a beach party. An example of such stacking shows Jennifer Lawrence:

To the usual "knot" of hair began to play in a new way, you need to add bright colors. For example, it makes Julianne Hough:

Another example of a summer hairstyle shows Kristen Wiig:

The combination of a French braid and "donut" of hair - a great example of modern hairstyles:

Jessica Alba

To repeat laying Rooney Mara, you need to stock up on plenty of hair gel:

Even more glamor to your image add here such original beam as Amanda Seyfried:

A bundle of hair wound on curlers, which subsequently are stacked with deliberate casualness, is impressive:

Katherine McPhee

Small, neat bundle of incredible shows Cher Lloyd:

In order to soften the austere image that attributes the high beam, you can use the same trick as Dianna Agron. Simply divide your bangs in half and place it along the temples:

Sophia Bush skillfully combines a high beam and a smooth elongated bangs:

You do not want your bangs hanging over his eyes to you? Take the example of the adopted Emma Roberts:

Kelly Rowland demonstrates a perfect example of hairstyles for celebration:

Kate Bosworth - guru of the fashionable hairstyles and original packings:

This demonstrates the punk-chic Kelly Osbourne. Yes, this hair will require time and patience, but the result is stunning:


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