50 good habits for a happy life. This should be done by anyone!

Health, happiness and positive thinking - that's what makes us feel good. But this needs to work diligently. To be healthy, you must take care of yourself, engage your body and eat only healthy food. To feel happy, you need to pay attention to your family and enjoy their achievements. And positive thinking can be developed, pampering yourself, relaxing and thinking about the good. .cc has prepared 50 tips that must be followed throughout.

1. Start each day with a smile. Nothing better than a positive charge.

2. Drink a glass of water before breakfast.

3. Start running.

4. Give up cigarettes and alcohol.

5. Learn to plan for the day ahead.

6. Each day to eat some fresh fruit or vegetables.

7. Think positive.

8. Keep your posture and walk straight.

9. do morning exercises.

10. Eat fractional: 4-5 times a day at the same time.

11. Stop using the elevator.

12. Contrast shower in the morning cheer you no worse than a cup of strong coffee.

13. Get enough sleep. Get used to go to bed and get up at the same time.

14. The daily walk in the fresh air.

15. Prepare your own clothes for the day in the evening.

16. Once a year goes by general medical examination.

17. Write down all the interesting ideas and useful ideas that come to mind.

18. Pei sufficient clean flat water: not less than 1500 ml per day.

19. Ventilate the room before going to bed to sleep in the shade.

20. Every day is paid to cleaning 15 minutes.

21. spoil yourself pleasant shopping, beauty treatments or just a good movie reviews in pleasant company - a powerful positive charge.

22. wash before going to bed.

23. Get into the book home accounting to control all expenditures.

24. Returning home from work, give yourself 15 minutes to relax under the pleasant music.

25. Once a week, visits the bath or sauna.

26. Eliminate from your diet fast food and other junk food.

27. Try to hold out for a week without meat, all of a sudden you'd like to be a vegetarian.

28. Learn the method of touch typing on a keyboard.

29. Be punctual.

30. Tell the people to compliment and be friendly with them.

31. engage in sports 2-3 times a week for 1 hour.

32. Train your brain: teach poems, crossword puzzles and play chess.

33. Teach 10 foreign words every day.

34. The daily pays to read at least 30 minutes.

35. Call the parents loved and just.

36. Turn to yoga or breathing exercises.

37. Get into a personal diary and write down there all their achievements and successes.

38. expressed himself beautifully and intelligently. Watch his speech. Excluded from the vocabulary of swear words, and words-parasites.

39. Take photos bright events.

40. Do exercises for the eyes.

41. The daily intake dairy products: low-fat cottage cheese, plain yogurt, kefir.

42. Please go to grain bread.

43. Do not stay too long at the computer for more than 2 hours, if it does not work.

44 feet poured cold water.

45. Use only high-quality cosmetics.

46. ​​Throw in at home all rubbish.

47. Learn new every day to learn something interesting.

48. Drink fresh juices.

49. Spend the weekend with benefit: choose the nature, travel, enjoy the new scenery and meeting new people.

50. Think only about the good. Remember, dreams - not an escape from reality, but a means to approach her.

Make a habit of these useful procedure, and you will see that your life will certainly change for the better. And help to change your friends!

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