Such hair is decorated with bright head fashionistas America. The new trend that is hard to miss ...

Hair color rainbow gained unprecedented popularity this spring! Of course, such a bold coloring can afford not all women who work in companies where there is a strict dress code, just envious sigh, looking at the bright shades of hair. An effect of the rainbow is quite simple: first, discolored hair, then - are painted with special embalming mixture having a lasting effect, but not burn through the hair. Some hairdressers creative impulses resemble Impressionist paintings.

1. So should look like a real mermaid ...

2. You also thought about the little ponies?

3. Pastel shades create an atmosphere of tranquility.

4. The bright, acid colors - for the restless adventurers.

5. Blue and purple shades look great with clothes of any color and create a marked contrast.

6. Hair like an angel ...

7. Unusual colors equally well look like in the natural environment and the urban landscape.

8. The more you look at this beauty, the more you want to do something like that with her hair ...

9. Neat colorful strands create not only a magical way, they are visually add volume to hair. Hair looks great!

If painted in such drastic color think you crazy idea, but try to be interesting, do not be depressed. You can take advantage of special services on the Internet that will paint your hair on any photo in joyful colors. Look at yourself in a new way! Sometimes a change of appearance helps people cope with stress and say goodbye to unpleasant events from the past. Always remember: your appearance should first arrange for you. Look in the mirror and admire the reflection, and if something does not suit you - do not give up, getting better!

Show girlfriends these wonderful examples outside the dyed hair: the inspiration you need to share!

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