12 yoga wise laws that do not allow people to manipulate you.

Life can not be lived without rules and laws, they surround us everywhere, but some of them are not simply govern relations between people. From childhood, we are told what to do, and we get used to it. As a consequence, in adult life, we occasionally fall victim to skillful manipulators who use our acquired reflexes. We suggest you use the yogis practice and learn how to resist manipulation from the side and preserve their views in all situations.

1. And whether it is necessary?
Hearing to handle the word "must" or a synonym, to begin to think about, "must" if this is for you. Manipulative treatment primarily to hide the fact that they were created precisely for the benefit of the manipulators. Sometimes people are not even aware that they become manipulators. If we, for example, remove the manipulation of familiar parental phrase «You should get a job!» Em>, then we get something like this: «I want you to stop me to depend on!" < / em>

2. Think before you promise!
Any hasty promise may be under pressure from another person. Thus, the manipulator will play on your guilt and make him perform. But if I made a promise - keep your word! And next time think twice before to take on the extra commitment.

3. It is not necessary, unless requested to help
You had the best intentions, but you made it worse. Familiar? In addition, you do not help now, the next time will think that you just have to help. If you thought that the person needs help, first ask him about it. Maybe the girl stuck the heel is not by chance, and she just wanted to get to know the nice guy, and you blew it.

4. When asked - help!
Remember that gratitude should be a reward for any request. And if you asked for something, then you have every right too, of something to ask, and immediately.

5. This in the first place
Using this law, you can destroy just two types of manipulation. If you compare the same with you in the past, deny it the present. Manipulation of the series «Once you've been to other» em> countered phrase «It was once» em>. They promise a sweet future, parts of the carcass killed bear and stuff? Everything stops after the question: «And what exactly will I get today?» Em>

6. Control the attachment
Strong emotional connection can lead to blackmail. We recommend that you wonder if you begin to feel that you do not live with relatives, and terrorists.

7. The goal - a lighthouse!
This means that you can not put a specific purpose, as strange as it may sound. There is always a chance that it imposed on you from the outside. It is important to remember that there will be further and ask the question around. If you're talking about mandatory higher education, remember that there are many professions that do not require it.

8. Do not interfere with
The most brilliant law, which must be regularly used. Time say to yourself or to someone «Do not bother!» Em>, and you will see how wonderful everything is over.

9. It all depends on your attitude
Here we have a little philosophize. Use every opportunity, even failure. Manipulators will affect your mood, complaining about the surrounding issues and remembering your blunders. Therefore, remember the law of 9 and change events, changing attitudes towards them.

10. Avoid criticism and condemnations
Sometimes you want to criticize someone. But it makes you feel any benefit, and hence it is not necessary to resort to criticism. If you condemn - listen, but do not answer. Say a few phrases in the style: «offer something to change the situation» em> or «Where is the confidence that you correctly assess the situation?» Em> Although probably best to simply not respond .

11. It happened only personally verified information
Do not check the information on your own skin, you get the usual gossip. You stop believing, and be sure enemies do not forget to take advantage of. After hearing information from the other, specifies checking them or not. You'll see that in most cases the information is not verified.

12. Do not forget to ask permission
It's more of etiquette. Good, and you look not only polite, but shalt themselves from excessive force. The law is closely related to the third, but if you look closely, you will see that they are all connected.

We acted according to the law of the 11th. Take an example from us, check above for yourself and tell others.

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