That's what happens to your brain when you're a little sleep: large scale of destruction!

The intense pace of modern life causes people to clearly prioritize. We have to choose: either the successful work and other activities, or - restful sleep. More often than not choose to do instead of sleeping at that time is always short. On the one hand - great that can be in a critical situation to refuse a few hours of sleep to catch everything. But if we knew how dearly we dispense these unnatural efforts, we would never have sat up late at work and would sleep for 8 hours a day, at least. Here's why ...

no secret that the lack of sleep is very harmful to physical health. Man chronically enough sleep the right amount of hours, it becomes more prone to diabetes, suffer from a variety of metabolic disorders. Sudden weight loss or weight gain, fatigue, weakness, fatigue or bulimia - the typical effects that are waiting for people deprived of normal sleep. But the trouble did not come alone: ​​in addition harmful effects on physical health, lack of sleep is dangerous to their influence on the psyche and the human brain. Neuroscientists pay attention to this important question more and more: the lack of sleep has become an urgent problem for all.

1. The rapid aging
Lack of sleep triggers quickening of the aging process in the body. People who sleep little, look much older than his age and often have poorer health than their peers. It is associated with dysfunction of the hormonal and nervous systems. The brain, too, is aging much faster starts early sclerosis.

2. Violation of thought processes
If you sleep less than the allotted time, your brain is unable to function normally. Blood circulation in the frontal cortex of the brain, the logical connections is becoming much more difficult to build. Brain sleepy man working in an unstable mode, and is similar to the adolescent brain during the hormonal explosion: no balance, spontaneity and stripped solid action.

3. Poisoning toxins
The brain is able to accumulate toxins as well as other organs! During sleep, the toxic compound derived from the brain and to the liver, brain cleared. If you sleep a little, a process of purification goes wrong and toxins remain where they should not have been.

4. Low resistance to stress
The less you take the time to sleep, the greater the risk of mental illness. The body cope with stress and nervous feelings with the help of sleep. Lack of sleep - the cause of irritability, aggression, depressed state and a low degree of concentration on the important matters.

Sleep enough without hurting yourself! Renounces sleep only in very serious situations, it is - an extreme measure. Your youth and good health need the active support of a dream. It is much better to be awake, to think and to look well rested than trying to jump over your head, spending the night on the debugging of urgent cases. They will not run away, but mental health may slip suddenly and quietly ...

Let your dream pleasant dreams! Remind your friends about what a huge difference in our lives is a dream.

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