Top 6 foods that absolutely can not drink on an empty stomach.

We all know that, to date went well, you need to start it with a healthy breakfast. Right first meal is able to cheer up and lighten the mood. People eat a variety of foods for breakfast, but almost nobody thinks about how it can affect the body. Find out what food is harmful for your empty stomach in the morning.

1. Pears
Our ancestors knew that pears contain a lot of roughage, which is bad for the stomach. Pears are best eaten in the evening.

2. Persimmon
Persimmon is very poorly digested in the morning. It contains a large amount of pectin, and tannic acid which, by interaction with the gastric juice become gelled substance. As a result, the formation of gastric stones. This also applies to tomatoes.

3. Raw vegetables
Some doctors say that breakfast is only raw vegetables can provoke not only gastritis and ulcers. The acids that are contained in them, corrode and irritate the stomach wall.

4. Yeast
Yeast provoke the production of gastric gases in the morning, which subsequently lead to bloating.

5. Bacon, ham and sausages
These meat products that people often use for sandwiches in the morning to contain a huge amount of harmful salts and nitrates. The amount of nitrate per kilogram meat product should not exceed 0, 005, but the products we buy, is far from these figures.

6. Cereals
Also useful fiber flakes in the store and even a lot of glucose and fructose. Carbohydrate give only short-term satiety. This means that in a few hours you want to have again. Also breakfast cereals containing various harmful flavored additives. This is quite an unhealthy breakfast.

Eat properly and not to consume these products on an empty stomach, if you want to be healthy.

Take care of your friends. Share this information with them about the foods that you should not have an empty stomach!

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