6 ways to use ordinary drill in the kitchen. Just a wonderful thing!

Everyone knows about such tools as drill. Someone uses it to repair, while others suffer, as this technique uses a neighbor every Sunday morning, for example. But this is not all ways to use a drill. It is also possible to use in the kitchen. Explore the six unusual way to use a drill!

1. Mixer
To use a variety of drills to whisk the mixture instead of a drill whisk paste disclosed scissors or a fork.

2. Pepper
The drill can also work as a pepper. The principle is the same as in the paragraph above, only need to secure a bolt from the pepper.

3. Grater
For this trick you need a special grater. Very interesting idea. Perhaps it will be the beginning and your ideas.

4. Dishwasher
Very interesting invention, which operates in semi-automatic mode. To learn how to make such a thing, look at the video below.

5. Slice and dice
Drill can be an electric meat grinder. Disassemble and conventional wringer Get out of her tree. Insert a metal bolt into the shaft without a hat or immediately in the drill. This thing is great grind mince.

6. Quick cleaning products
With the help of a drill can be cleaned potatoes. Take a new brush and attach it to the drill. Put a bucket of water and potatoes, turn drill. After one minute, the potatoes will be cleared!

There are many options for using drill in unconventional ways. The main thing - to include fantasy. This thing can be useful in different situations!

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