How not to make the first yoga class last 5 tips for beginners.

Starting to do something new, always feel some kind of fear and uncertainty. Especially if you see that the people around you is already far not novices. If you decide to take up yoga, then you certainly have a lot to learn about the studio, instructor, set of asanas (postures), the philosophical underpinnings and breathing exercises.

For absolute beginners it is very important to communicate with the instructor before starting yoga. This will reduce the discomfort felt by all, making the first attempt, and will allow to draw attention to an error in the subsequent practice. In general, do not be shy to ask questions, it is known as the practice of yoga. And now, we have prepared for you a few tips to help you start training fully prepared.

1. Clothing
Clarify particular equipment is necessary to have an instructor, but there are a few basic tips. Take a pleasant comfortable clothing materials (tights / shorts, shirt, socks, sports jacket). T should not be free, otherwise it will be lifted up, when you're upside down. Socks and jacket will be needed at the end of classes for shavasana - pose of total relaxation. Be sure to find out if they need a rug.

2. Food
Restrict your diet. There is a need for 3-4 hours before the start of classes. If you are very hungry, choose something light: fruit, yogurt ... Before debut occupation can drink some herbal tea or water, but during exercise, the water will only interfere.

3. Injury
Be sure to tell the instructor about the presence of your injury or illness. He will oversee the implementation of some of your postures.

4. Mobile phone
For full concentration on the process of performing asanas turn off your mobile phone and other means of communication. And the best time to forget about their existence.

5. Ignore
Do not pay attention to others. All at once you will not work, especially if you have never worked. Do not overdo it, and that can greatly hurt yourself.

Remember that yoga teaches us to move forward, overcoming all obstacles. But if you do not like the approach of an instructor or conditions, then perhaps you do not fit the studio, but not yoga at all. We wish you a pleasant occupation and until the greedy and tell a friend about the article.

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