20 simple and quick breakfasts for children who turn a meal into a celebration.

Often children can be very difficult to get food, especially breakfast. The kids are very picky in relation to food. To the child ate healthy food, parents often come up with a variety of stories, sometimes even intimidated him. But in any case it can not be done. There is a way easier, which will turn a meal into a real celebration. With an interesting feeding toddler will have everything simple and delicious, and even something that previously did not want to watch.

1. Stuffed tomatoes "Mickey Mouse»

For those who do not like tomatoes and olives. But inside, you can put any salad.

2. Petite Train

Crispy toast with grilled cheese. Wheels - zucchini. Also there is the carrot, banana and raisins.

3. Solar sunny side up

One of the most simple and affordable way to make a child happy.

4. Birds nest

Spaghetti with vegetables can be fed and so.

5. The Lion King

Delicious pasta with tomato sauce.

6. Piggy pancake

Figures from pancakes to do is very simple. Pour pancake batter into the bottle, put it on the cover of any sauce in the pan and Draw different shapes.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Few loves scrambled eggs with spinach. But this appeal to all the original bug.

8. Toasts "Bear Bruin»

The ingredients for such a sandwich you can think of yourself.

9. Caterpillar

This caterpillar can be made not only from the kiwi, and in general of any fruit or vegetable.

10. Delicious Monster

So beets will like children!
11. Shaun the Sheep

Cauliflower and olives.

12. Lovely Owl

13. Angry Birds

14. Octopussy of sausages

15. Mr. Krabs

16. Boat

17. Sandwiches with bugs

18. Funny ladybug

19. Meatballs, girls

20. Pope rests

Whatever you have prepared for your child, do it with love, and he is sure to appreciate.

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