29 inventions that make life easier. That's who runs a fantasy!

Whatever was said, and this laziness is the engine of progress. Only lazy people start coming up with all sorts of tools to make your life even easier. Any advances in modern technology designed to increase comfort, but fewer people are moving out of the house and so on. Today editorial team .cc has prepared a compilation of the achievements of modern science and technology for the lazy people. So let's see if you, of course, not laziness.

1. Brush on the radio.

2. Special shovel to clean broom.

3. Modern trash. It incorporates a sensor for hands-free opening and WI-FI connection is to signal that it's time to take out the garbage or trash bags ran out ...

... oh yes, the bottom has a small vacuum cleaner.

4. Clothing for the child. Now he will rub the floor.

5. Soap and brush for pets. Two in one.

6. The robot for cleaning screens of your gadgets.


7. A door mat that absorbs dirt.

8. Self-cleaning brush.

9. Magnetized brush for cleaning inside containers.

10. Carpets for gas stove.

11. Plaid, which is convenient to wipe the monitor.

12. This toothbrush is wound on a tube of toothpaste.

13. Cleaning brush corn.

14. Wand bidet. Is typed into the water, you push a button and you use as a bidet.

15. Special sponges that do not need soap.

16. Guess what it is? Before you is a toothbrush, which is placed in the mouth and it cleans teeth at the same time for 6 seconds.

17. Special disinfectant device. Just click on the button and drag over the desired surface.

18. Tie with microfibre lining.

19. Cleaners for glasses.

20. Special gel for cleaning the keyboard.

21. Every time you open the cover, it cleans the camera lens.

22. Stain removers for those who do not like to bend. Gave up, hesitated, the spot has disappeared.

23. The robot for washing windows.

24. Footwear for rubbing the floor.

25. Bin, where several bags. He pulled the top and you can fill a bucket of garbage again.

26. Dishwashing detergent in a container that does not need to raise. Press and wash.

27. Bulb dust.

28. Device for rapid wash cutlery.

29. Dryer entire body.

Admit it, that the people who invented it all, clearly not eager to spend extra calories for cleaning and other household chores. If someone of your friends is the same, then tell him about these miracles of technology, maybe he wants to buy something.

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