He simply put back into the water lettuce, and a week later got a great result.

Probably every woman dreams about her to have always on hand were the freshest vegetables, fruits and herbs, but few have a garden and a vegetable garden near the house, so we have zatarivatsya in stores or in the market. But this is not the only way out! Today, editors of our site prepared advice for you, with which you can grow on your windowsill any vegetables and fruits from scraps. Do not trust? Then look!

So, the main advice - do you want to soak in a saucer of water in a small crop of vegetables or fruit. Within a week I will start to sprout roots, and then you can plant to plant in the ground.

Here's what you can grow in this way:

1. Green

Take a piece of living herbaceous plants and put them in a glass of water, after 2 weeks the plant will sprout roots. Even after 2 weeks you can plant it in the ground.

2. Green salad and root

Take cutting root vegetables (eg, radishes, onions or carrots) and place them cut side down in a shallow dish of water. After 2 weeks, the cuttings take root, and after 2 weeks you can seedlings planted in the ground. Fruits ripen in 2-3 weeks.

3. Hybrids fruits

It's unbelievable, but you can even create own hybrids of different fruits. For example, apple and pear, banana and kiwi. Unite cuttings cut sides together and place in a container with soil of good quality. Grist is an additional layer of top soil and moisten. Within 1-2 weeks of the fruits of the two unite in a single plant. Place a container under the indirect rays of sunlight and keep the soil moderately moist. After 2-3 weeks after planting, you will receive a fully formed, hybrid edible fruits.

In this video you can see everything with my own eyes!

Do you believe it? It was just a good joke from a guy with a very good sense of humor. Although his idea with banana and kiwi would be very interesting, of course, if this would be possible!

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