That is why it is necessary to drink water on an empty stomach! I never would have thought it was so helpful ...

Drink water immediately after waking on an empty stomach - a popular ritual in Japan. Do not neglect this healthy habit! Drunk in the morning the water is able to positively affect all the processes in the body. Regular drinking of water is establishing the gastrointestinal tract, improves the skin and helps keep the nervous system in balance. After reading this article, you'll never be forgotten drink a glass of water after getting up. Health and well-groomed appearance is given a light price: only 1 cup of water will change your life for the better! Here's why ...

Drunk on an empty stomach in the morning the water is used as a treatment method. It helps to get rid of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hormonal imbalance, arthritis, arrhythmia, migraine, kidney failure. The list is long - as you know, all the internal organs depends on proper operation of the gastrointestinal tract. When healthy stomach and intestines, all the other ailments recede! A glass of water in the morning helps to cleanse the intestines and normalize the pancreas and stomach.

A glass of warm pure water is necessary to drink immediately after waking up. After that, a morning toilet and drink even one glass of water. Now you can eat breakfast! Stomach washed, the water came into the intestine throughout the day you will feel the vivacity and freshness. During the day it is also very useful to drink 2 cups of warm water before a meal, about 30 minutes before the next meal. Tea and coffee is also recommended to drink before a meal, not after, so as not to increase the amount of undigested food in the stomach at the expense of extra fluid.

People who start to drink water in the morning, afraid of edema. What happens if you drink the required rate of water a day? Only exceptional benefits for the body! Swelling is triggered by an unhealthy diet and excess salt in the diet. Drink water, improves health. Remind your friends about healing a glass of water in the morning.

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